iFood delivery fee: understand its calculation and how it works

How the iFood delivery fee works is one of the biggest questions for customers, delivery people and restaurants who want to join the platform.

How does the iFood delivery fee work?

First of all, it is important to highlight that the delivery fee may vary depending on some factors. Furthermore, during the height of the pandemic, rates were also modified.

iFood charges restaurants a fee for each order that is placed, which will vary according to the modality chosen by the establishment.

Minimum value per km driven: from R$1.00 to R$1.50 (increase from 50%).

Additionally, there is the possibility of leaving tips for delivery men through the app. This amount can be R$2, R$5 or R$10, and is transferred in full, without any discount.

Who does the iFood delivery fee go to?

The destination of the iFood delivery fee will depend on the flat chosen by the restaurant when it registers on the platform.

If it is the Basic plan, the fee goes to the restaurant itself, as it is responsible for delivering the orders placed. In this way, the establishment itself defines the destination of the fee paid by customers.

If it is the Delivery plan, the delivery fee is defined by iFood itself, which in this case is responsible for the connection between customer and restaurant.

How to calculate iFood delivery fee?

This value is calculated based on three criteria: pick up of the order at the restaurant + delivery to the customer + distance traveled.

These values may vary according to:

  • The number of orders, if grouped;
  • The city’s profile;
  • The time and day of the week;
  • The vehicle (car, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle).

Other factors may influence the value of the iFood delivery fee to increase or decrease. For example, in the case of a promotion, the price will be lower.

On the other hand, the fee will be higher if the delivery person is not close to the restaurant.

How to add delivery fees to iFood?

Check out the step-by-step guide to placing a delivery fee on iFood:

  1. Open the iFood portal for restaurants;
  2. In the menu on the left, click on “Delivery area”;
  3. Define the area, that is, which regions the establishment will serve;
  4. Configure the rate by entering a value for each km;
  5. Click “save”.

To add the free delivery fee, simply do not enter any value for the distance km.

How do I charge iFood delivery fees?

First of all, it is important to highlight that charging a very high delivery fee can drive customers away from your restaurant.

Therefore, to properly calculate the amount of the fee to be charged, factors such as: service costs, delivery person and distance traveled must be taken into account.

In the case of distance, the calculation can be done as follows:

  • 1 km to 2 km = R$ 5.00
  • 3 km to 5 km = R$ 8.00
  • 5 km to 7 km = R$ 10.00

Based on all these factors, it is possible to define a fair price for the iFood delivery fee, minimizing some costs.

There are also tips.

After delivering the order, the customer can send, via the app, a tip as thanks for the service provided.

Finally, this amount can be R$2, R$5 or R$10, and is transferred in full, without any discount.

Finally, how did delivery drivers’ earnings evolve during the pandemic period?

In September 2020, the average value per hour worked making deliveries was R$ 23.47.

It is also true that the delivery person is logged in to the application waiting for orders to appear, while they may also be logged in to other platforms. So, if we consider May's average earnings per hour online on the platform, the value is approximately R$ 11.68. For comparison purposes, it means twice the hourly rate of the minimum wage.

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