Wake up to watch the women's team on the iFood app

Take advantage and order breakfast now: partnership with CazéTV takes football to the delivery platform, an unprecedented move in the history of the sport

Open the iFood app and shout “Gol”? Yes, that's what the women's world football championship looks like.

In fact, it's one eye on the game and the other on the delivery order, since the CazeTV starts showing, free of charge, tournament matches on the platform, in a total of 36 clashes.

And the action kicks off with the duel between Brazilians and French, this Saturday, July 29th, at seven in the morning.

Yes, that's right. For those who thought they had seen everything in football, it is always possible to innovate more. Never before in the history of this sport had a delivery app broadcast a game.

The unprecedented move also involves McDonald's Brasil, official sponsor of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup™ and which will offer, during the broadcasts, exclusive promotions across its entire breakfast menu.

For orders on Méqui from R$ 70, iFood offers free shipping on game days broadcast via the app. In departures from Brazil, free shipping is guaranteed for everyone who buys the Brabo Empanado de Queijo Minas sandwich.

It's Brazil against France, but the cheese is miner, that the fans are for our girls. And iFood, a Brazilian technology company, is in this too.

iFood's partnership with CazéTV, in fact, dates back to 2022, with the sponsorship of the Cazé Cup on the occasion of the men's world football tournament.

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