Today there is a book about AI and solidarity on #DeliverydeNotícias

Follow the launch of the book about how iFood grew with artificial intelligence and the new donation campaign in the app

Ready for the post-holiday week? We are! And we have already opened the week with the launch of the book “The Scientist and the Executive”, by Diego Barreto, VP of finance and strategy at iFood, and Sandor Caetano, former VP of AI at the company. 

The two tell how iFood used the artificial intelligence to grow. “Today, there are more than 150 models of machine learning built internally by Brazilians, operated by Brazilians, making iFood such a strong and emblematic company”, comments Diego.

It's already November and there's Telethon arriving. But, before that, iFood starts the donation campaign on its app. Drag to the side to find out how to collaborate with this cause!

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