iFood Pedal, the largest electric bicycle project for delivery in Latin America, arrives in Brasília

The result of a partnership between iFood and Tembici, the project includes the offer of a special plan, access to electric and conventional bikes and a training course for the safety and training of delivery drivers

February 2022 – With more than 1 million orders delivered with shared electric bikes and conventional bikes, avoiding the emission of 271 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and more than 13 thousand registered delivery people, iFood Pedal – the first service in the world to offer exclusive bike rental for delivery drivers, arrives in Brasília. Registered professionals have a special plan, designed and developed for this audience, in addition to access to electric and conventional bikes and content focused on safety and training.

“The expansion of iFood Pedal, which features electric bikes, in addition to conventional bikes, is another big and important step for iFood towards its commitment to sustainability. By 2025, we are committed to at least 50% of deliveries made using non-polluting modes”, says Fernando Martins, head of logistics at iFood.

The initiative created by partners iFood and Tembici – leader in technology for micromobility in Latin America – is just over a year old and is also present in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Recife. The project will make 2,500 electric bikes available across the country by the end of 2022.

“With the pandemic, the service that was already extremely necessary became essential and the demand for delivery grew exponentially. Investing in this mode and promoting cycle delivery is to directly contribute to smarter and more sustainable cities. We believe that, just like in the squares where the project is already taking place, in Brasília electric bikes arrive to make the city's mobility more efficient and, mainly, provide improvements in the daily lives of delivery partners”, explains Maurício Villar, co-founder and COO from Tembici.

The project, which is temporarily exempt from payment so that more people can have access and learn about the initiative, seeks to encourage deliveries without CO2 emissions. Furthermore, with a focus on the experience of delivery drivers, iFood constantly invests in technology and other mechanisms that define the delivery radius for each restaurant and identify who is closest, sending biker delivery drivers shorter routes, optimizing their earnings and operating time. displacement.

Electric bike

Electric bicycles are a great facilitator in everyday life, as the mode has pedal assistance, that is, the motor is activated when the bicycle is pedaled, without the accelerator, making the bike lighter. With a speed limited to 25 km/h and a battery with a range of 60km, its brakes and transmission parts carry the seal of renowned companies in the market, providing maximum quality and safety.

“We are focused on aligning our governance increasingly with the ESG agenda. In addition to contributing to reducing environmental impacts and reducing carbon emissions, bicycles have enormous power for social transformation. The electric bike expands the possibility of daily use as it facilitates longer trips with different terrains, requiring less effort from those who pedal, which is why it is so eagerly awaited by users”, explains Villar.

Protection and care for those who are essential to the city

The e-bikes, which are available for the project, can be found at the provisional point in Brasília (Av. Parque Águas Claras, 625 – Norte – Águas Claras). On site, delivery men and women also receive protective and support equipment, such as helmets and bags, as well as a mask and alcohol gel. When the project is fully implemented, the structure will be replaced by support points equipped with water filters, bathrooms, tables, microwaves, cell phone charging points and rest space.

Upon registration, all users receive informative online Road Safety content, which provides guidance on good practices for cycling in the city and also addresses cyclists' rights and duties.

Those who use the modal also have personal accident insurance, offered free of charge by iFood in partnership with the insurance company MetLife and the pharmaceutical company MDS, which provides discounts on the purchase of medicines. The initiative covers medical and dental expenses and offers financial security for the family in case of accidents. The insurance is valid during the period in which partners are logged in to the platform and also during the “return home”, valid for two hours or on a journey of up to 30 kilometers from the location of the last delivery.


Interested parties should access the “iFood Pedal” section in the iFood for Delivery app. There, you will find more details about the project, you can register and choose a plan.

About iFood

iFood, a reference in online food delivery in Latin America, has 60 million monthly orders. Having been on the market for ten years, the Brazilian company is also present in Colombia. It works together with partners with initiatives that bring together business intelligence and management solutions for the approximately 270 thousand restaurants registered in more than a thousand cities throughout Brazil. iFood has important investors, such as Movile, a global leader in mobile marketplaces, and Just Eat, one of the largest online ordering companies in the world. iFood News was recently launched, an iFood news portal that promotes current topics such as the New Economy and content about business curiosities, partners' success stories in addition to addressing trends and innovation in the segment.

Press information: press@ifood.com.br / news.ifood.com.br / @ifoodnewsbrasil

About Tembici

Tembici is the leading micromobility company in Latin America, responsible for more than 60 million bicycle trips in the main Brazilian capitals, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Porto Alegre and Brasília, as well as Santiago, Chile , and Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Considered one of the most promising and innovative startups in the country, according to the list of 100 Startups to Watch (2020 and 2021), over the last few years the company has followed the growth of the micromobility sector in the world and, due to its business model and quality of the product, registers solid growth and directly contributes to consolidating bicycles as a mode of transport in the cities in which it operates. In 2021, Tembici's founders became part of the Endeavor entrepreneur network, receiving support from the organization to continue growing at an accelerated rate.

Press information: press@tembici.com / ariane@vcrpbrasil.com

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