What is a pitch deck (and how to prepare it)

With almost 200 investments in startups happening per month, on average, in Brazil (according to data from the Sling Hub platform), having a pitch deck sharp becomes an important tool to achieve a round of investment.

O pitch deck It is a presentation, usually in slides, made in 5 minutes or delivered for reading and consultation. There are even shorter formats, called Pitch Elevator, 1 minute, in which you need to present your idea as if you were going up in an elevator with a potential investor. 

The fact is that many associate the success of a pitch deck its visual quality or in the oratory of the entrepreneurs of the startups. However, having a well-rounded business can be much more relevant than just having a good presentation and good speaking skills. 

The main mistakes made when presenting a pitch deck they are not respecting the time available, wanting to say everything at once, not being able to arouse the other party's interest and not having progress, traction and concrete results. Related to the business, it is basically the startup having only remained in the field of ideas and having executed or validated their solutions with little interaction with users or customers.

One pitch deck There is no need to present the mission, vision and values, a complete history of the company, many slides talking only about the problem, and have all the information the first time. Remember that your goal is to get a next meeting; If you pique your interest, you can send the full presentation later. 

A suggested structure is not to exceed more than 15 slides, containing the following parts:

  • Cover with a one-sentence summary of the startup;
  • Problem you are solving;
  • Market size and opportunity potential; 
  • How the solution works;
  • What is the business model and monetization method;
  • Which are the growth strategies and distribution;
  • The main numbers, advances and traction; 
  • Who forms the team, whether there is a board or other investors;
  • What are the next steps, roadmap, round value, and final requests;

Some final recommendations are: prefer to send in a closed document (PDF), use less than 10 MB of space, insert sources in data and information when necessary, insert your contacts at the end and train as many times as possible until you feel comfortable and have control.

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