Is there a profile for working with AI?

Maybe that's not the right question to ask, explains iFood CEO, Fabricio Bloisi, in the fifth episode of the special web series on AI

Is there a type of professional who has the right skills or even a profile to work with AI (artificial intelligence)? In truth no.

In the fifth episode of the special web series on AI, Fabricio Bloisi, CEO of the company, explains that we will all learn to use this tool to leverage our knowledge. “Everyone will work better, faster and with fewer errors using AI,” he says in the video.

To get there, we need to change our behavior and start exercising our ability to ask good questions, adds Diego Barreto, vice president of finance and strategy. After all, this is the key to dealing with tools like ChatGPT in all areas of knowledge (and it's worth more than having a profile to work with AI).

In this new episode, which you can watch on iFood News channel on YouTube, Fabricio Bloisi also highlights that the Generative AI It opens up opportunities for entrepreneurship, favoring the emergence of startups that are quick to think and test new ideas.

Follow the iFood AI series

To inspire more people and companies to embark on the universe of artificial intelligence, iFood, a Brazilian technology company, is sharing his knowledge on the topic in this special web series, which will have six episodes, all available on YouTube. 

In this series, company executives will reveal behind the scenes of the development of artificial intelligence in the world and at iFood.

Anyone who follows the web series will find out, for example, what the new products that iFood is launching and that use artificial intelligence to benefit customers, delivery people and restaurants — and how company employees use AI in their work.

At the first episode, Fabricio Bloisi, Diego Barreto and Marcos Gurgel bring examples of how generative artificial intelligence has been revolutionizing computer programming and what is the impact of these transformations on iFood's business. 

In the second, they reveal how artificial intelligence has been evolving rapidly in the last ten years, not only in the area of programming but in others, such as image generation.

Focusing on iFood, the third episode shows how the company uses AI in its relationships with customers, delivery people and restaurants. 

Already the fourth episode highlights the importance of ethics in the use of artificial intelligence and brings together some examples of how to achieve the best results using this type of technology.

Stay tuned to iFood News to learn more about the iFood AI series!

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