3 Brazilian technologies that iFood showed at BBB24

Learn more about the innovations developed with national companies to make delivery more agile and sustainable

iFood was also at the Big Brother Brasil party last Friday (1/3) — and served some Brazilian technologies as an appetizer. In addition to showing that is also BBB —Brazilian, good and cheap—, the brand showed 3 innovations that also have national 100% DNA. 

Do you know what they are? O iFood News tell you!

The ADA robot

This friendly little robot, which brought delicacies to “warm up” the confined, is an autonomous, electric vehicle that uses artificial intelligence to make deliveries

One of the main Brazilian technologies developed by iFood, it was born in 2021, from a partnership with Synkar, the country's first autonomous delivery startup. Its mission is to optimize the work of delivery men and women.

In fact, there is more than one ADA, and they are generally located between the iFood office and Synkar's headquarters, in Ribeirão Preto. The one on iFood, in fact, is pioneer in Latin America in taking the elevator alone — and she asks for permission if there are people in front. 

“Taking ADA to BBB24 was an opportunity to share the innovative and pioneering spirit of iFood with Brazil and also provoke developments in our sustainability initiatives.”

Sustainable packaging

During the party, all food deliveries were made using sustainable packaging. Produced by Tuicial, they are made of paper and receive a layer of biodegradable resin, which protects against grease and moisture.

The cellulose, which is the raw material for this packaging, is extracted from sustainably grown trees — for every tree cut, three more are planted. 

These packages are available to iFood partner restaurants, an initiative aligned with the company's goal of eliminating plastic pollution associated with the delivery service, reducing the presence of plastic in deliveries by 50% and recycling the rest.

Drones enter the list of Brazilian technologies

The drone show excited the crowd, but did you know that they also do well in delivery? In 2022, iFood became the first company in the Americas to be allowed to use drones in delivery.

Another innovative Brazilian technology, drones were created in partnership with Speedbird Aero, which is also a Brazilian company. As with the ADA, the idea is that the drone helps delivery people work.

At route between Aracaju and Barra dos Coqueiros (Sergipe), for example, the drone flies over the river that separates them and lands at the point where the delivery men pick up the meal and make the final stretch of the delivery.

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