Services sector grows again, with focus on technology

The services sector returns to growth at the end of 2021, and information technology stands out. Check out, in this article, what the expectations are for 2022.

Information technology and food service stand out among the areas that are reviving for 2022

After recording a decline for two months, the services sector revived at the end of 2021. In November, growth of 2.4% was recorded in relation to October, points out the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics). The growth of the area, which was one of the most affected by the pandemic, still represents an increase of 10% compared to November 2020.

The survey also revealed an increase of 10.7% in the information technology sector from October to November — the highest rate recorded since January 2018 (11.8%). The segments of portals, content providers and internet search tools, as well as software development and licensing and information technology consultancy, gained prominence.

The presence of technology and applications in the daily lives of Brazilians has been increasing, according to a study by Qualibest – and this also favors the advancement of delivery. In 2020, 92% of Brazilian internet users used applications or websites to hire some type of service (in 2018, this percentage was 81%). And delivery apps are at the top of the list as the most used: in 2018, they were used by 50%, a number that rose to 76% in 2021.

In 2022, the forecast is that the services sector will continue to grow, and that the expansion of the food service segment (which includes restaurants) will reach 28%, according to a study by ABIA (Brazilian Food Industry Association).

iFood invests in technological training

Following the recovery of the services sector and the space achieved by the technology area, iFood has promoted several initiatives. Among them are actions to tackle the technological blackout in Brazil and provide people with job opportunities.

With goals of inclusion and attention focused on underrepresented groups, the platform was launched in 2021 Tech Power, which offers online tech training courses with partner schools.

In January 2022, iFood hired 40 new talents through a new program, the iLab, a tech talent accelerator that will give market experience to recent graduates. In six months, each of these FoodLovers must evolve from the Junior profile to full performance, preparing themselves for new challenges. For delivery partners, iFood has developed various partnerships focused on education, technological training and issuing high school diplomas.

Technology in delivery logistics

With the market's eyes focused on food service, iFood has also invested in innovation, transforming the experience of consumers, restaurants and delivery partners. A new feature is that iFood became, in 2022, the first company in the Americas authorized to use drones in delivery.

This authorization, granted by Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) for daily commercial use, is unprecedented in the market and on the continent. With it, drones are allowed to make deliveries with loads of up to 2.5 kilos within a radius of 3 kilometers, including in urban environments, working together with delivery partners and reducing operation time.

Furthermore, iFood developed with Synkar (a Brazilian company specialized in artificial intelligence) the ADA, an autonomous vehicle for delivery, 100% electric and environmentally friendly. Its main objectives are to reduce pollution during deliveries and streamline delivery logistics.

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