Food delivery apps are popular in online shopping

PayPal survey shows Brazilians' preferences when shopping online

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, shopping online every day or every week was part of the daily lives of Brazilians. After March 2020, this rate grew and reached 57%, and in 2021 the majority (55%) said they would continue shopping in digital stores even after the pandemic, according to research “Online Consumption in Brazil”, carried out by Edelman for Paypal.

The study, carried out with a thousand people across the country, shows that 87.5% of those interviewed incorporated online shopping into their daily lives — and the majority (84.5%) do so whenever they can. The smartphone is 91%'s chosen means of purchasing, and 58% prefers to use the notebook.

In the food and restaurant segment, delivery apps are the most used: they account for a share of 93.7% of online orders. Almost half (44%) of people said they make this type of purchase every week, especially for convenience and to save time, according to the study.

Delivery apps are also the main channel for online shopping in supermarkets and pharmacies, representing 73.3% of online transactions (and 34% of people make at least one purchase per week this way).

One new thing highlighted by the research is that people are becoming familiar with the use of digital wallets. Almost 83% of those interviewed say they use this payment method very frequently — especially women and those aged 25 to 44.

This modality has also been widely used to make fuel purchases online. Among those interviewed, 39% said they use digital wallet apps to refuel their vehicles; nine out of ten stated that they will continue to pay in this modality post-pandemic. In the United States, 15% of digital wallet users no longer even leave the house with their physical wallet in their pocket (or purse), according to a search from the McKinsey consultancy carried out in 2021.

Deal with online payment methods is not considered an obstacle. On the contrary: 98.3% of Brazilian men and women find it easy to carry out this type of operation. Men like to use credit cards (80.2%) and digital wallets (47.2%) more, while women prefer to settle their bills instantly, using their debit card (59.4%) and the PIX (51,8%).

In the future, the research highlights, Brazilian men and women want to use digital means to pay other types of bills. In five years, they want to pay bills for water, electricity and education services using digital wallets and QR Codes.

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