Get to know behind the scenes of the “Order iFood Now” campaign

Created in partnership with DM9 and N.Ideias, advertisements make an emotional connection between delivery and everyday situations

Everyone has their moment of ask for iFood. It may be a custom of certain days, times or special occasions. Or it simply occurs when you have that sudden urge to eat something. 

To reinforce the company's relationship with all these consumers and their ways of being, the “Order iFood Now” campaign was created. It was created in partnership with DM9 and N.Ideias, a strategy agency run by advertiser Nizan Guanaes. 

The campaign focuses on a few pillars, as Mairá Mendonça explains, head iFood's marketing and communication department, a Brazilian company connected with consumption habits in the country.

“The themes are brand love and the story of growth in orders on the delivery platform”, he states. “To fix the messages in the minds and hearts of Brazilians, we opted for simplicity in jingle, which was really made to stick like gum, so that people can go around singing the song.”

Thus, “order iFood now” becomes an invitation to consumer experience which, throughout the campaign, is worked on at different levels of depth.

At an initial stage, the idea is to captivate people with the most immediate desire to order delicacies that look irresistibly tempting.

The stars of the first pieces, then, are the foods “that are 'heroes' in the app”, says Mairá. The images, in this way, wander through burgers, Pizza, meats and mouth-watering desserts.

Order iFood Now in everyday situations

In a second stage, the campaign seeks contextualize this appetite, making references to consumption occasions for different customer profiles.

In this sense, advertisements that suggest ordering delivery in specific everyday situations come into play, using different types of media.

A good example is communication via OOH (out-of-home), or advertising broadcast in an urban environment, which bridges the gap between a situation faced by many people – “Stuck in traffic?” – and the opportunity to overcome the inconvenience with a pleasant action – “Order iFood Now” even at lunch time rush.

The third phase of the campaign raises a few more levels in the complexity of approach. To this end, he creates plots like that of a grandfather who stays with his grandchildren under recommendations of discipline from the children's mother, but breaks these rules in a show of affection: he asks for iFood to please the little ones at a time when they are supposed to be asleep.

The insertion of “order iFood now” in various affective segments of time and space – a pizza on the weekend, a sweet treat in the middle of the afternoon, a hamburger after the game, a pasta after work – is the strong point of the recipe. campaign with the aim of “generating emotional connection”, as Mairá defines it.

“This is a very special moment for iFood, in which we will connect people with what they want to eat on different occasions”, summarizes Ana Gabriela Lopes, the company's marketing director.

Pipo Calazans, CEO of DM9, reinforces that “iFood is one of the most loved brands in Brazil”. “This campaign will remind you of this all day long, every day of the week”, he emphasizes.

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