Goals until 2025: Environment

iFood Regenerates

  • End plastic pollution in delivery. We work on several fronts, such as developing features in the app to encourage a reduction in the sending of single-use plastic items (such as straws and cutlery), encouraging the use of sustainable packaging and strengthening recycling with the implementation of new waste disposal points. waste and optimization of recycling cooperatives.
  • Become neutral in CO2 emissions. We measure Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from our business so that they can be reduced, neutralized and avoided.

Neutral deliveries

Since July 2021, all iFood deliveries have been carbon neutral! This means that, regardless of the distance traveled or whether the delivery is traceable or not, iFood neutralizes the carbon footprint of your order in advance.

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200 Million orders without plastic cutlery

In June 2021, we started an action inviting our consumers to rethink the use of disposables. To date, we have reached 200MM orders without plastic cutlery, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

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Commitment to UNEP and Oceana

We signed a public commitment to reduce single-use plastics in our food deliveries with the #DeLivreDePlástico commitment, organized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the main environmental authority in the United Nations (UN) system, and Oceana (NGO) the largest non-governmental, non-profit organization focused on protecting the world's oceans.

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PEVS (Voluntary Delivery Point)

We want to boost the recycling scenario in Brazil through initiatives that strengthen the chain and allow recyclable waste to increasingly have a correct destination, through the implementation of PEVS.

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iFood helps you recycle

By accessing “Recicla Bot” on your cell phone, you can find out what is recyclable and what is not, selective collection tips and places to correctly dispose of waste. In addition to favoring a profitable activity generating new jobs, recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills or disposed of in inappropriate places.

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I've been Bag

We guarantee the correct disposal of bags used by delivery people that are no longer usable. “Já Fui Bag” is a zero-landfill project, materials without conditions become energy or are remanufactured, gaining new functions, such as reusable bags, notebook covers, among other products. To date, more than 100 tons of bags have been disposed of in an environmentally friendly way […]

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Sustainable packaging at the iFood Shop

Within iFood Shop, our marketplace for packaging and supplies for restaurants, we created a section dedicated to sustainable packaging. The objective is to encourage restaurants to become aware of this type of product and, in doing so, reduce the use of plastic in delivery packaging […]

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