Extra care for employees

Wellbeing and Health

We provide our employees with materials with contamination prevention guidelines, well-being, ergonomics and mental health tips with help from various experts and references in the country.

Psychological support program: With free online consultations, all employees can sign up for individual psychological support.

Connect Zen and Zen Moment: weekly online activities, with themes to generate self-knowledge, emotional balance and exchange of experiences, in addition to the application of therapeutic techniques, such as guided meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, among others. The meetings are taught by collaborators who are experts in people development.

Balance Pills: series of videos on mental health, meditation and well-being prepared especially for our internal audience.

Activity apps: exercise plans and partner apps like Gympass for employees to exercise.

Online daycare: As we understand the difficulty for people who have small children at home, we are structuring a pilot in Brazil of an online daycare center with support for parents with activities for children aged 0-6.


#MyCantinhoiFood: In our internal communication networks, we encourage the exchange of online information between employees to maintain everyone's connection during this time of social isolation. Among the initiatives are: creating a collaborative playlist, sharing photos and moments from remote work, integration and online team celebrations. Therefore, we encourage you to maintain a routine similar to that created in the office, with posts for example about pets on Fridays, as happened in our daily lives.

We are offering our employees weekly vouchers so that teams can buy snacks, drinks or items of their choice on the app, focusing on the routines we had within the office such as ice cream on Fridays and happy hours.

Information portal: To expand communication, we created a single information portal so that employees can easily find the company's data, flows and policies.

Pulses: Small surveys are sent weekly to employees to measure everyone's well-being and health as the days go by. From these results, we are guided to know where to act.

Awareness campaigns: We carry out awareness campaigns with employees with guidance on hygiene and social distancing, encouraging new types of interactions and distance greetings, for example.

Adaptation of benefits: employee meal vouchers were transformed into credit in our app so that everyone can order their food at home. The same was done with other benefits that would not be used, such as credits on transport applications. We also offer vouchers on partner platforms to subsidize office supplies that are missing at home.

Career Development

Career management: the performance evaluation has been extended, so that employees can focus on taking care of their mental health in this moment of instability. We are promoting and encouraging our managers to hold frequent meetings with their teams. We maintained conversations in which our senior executives speak to the entire company. We also offer online courses on self-development, remote management, online meetings, productivity, among other topics.

Leadership paths: We are offering courses and training on topics relevant to the company's leadership.

Content Curation: special content for all employees with courses and training on our online training platform.

Optimism Club: Understanding that there is a lot of news that is not positive at the moment, we decided to create in partnership with Humor Lab with several weekly meetings with learning and training with a lot of humor to ensure relaxation and learning.

Selection process and new employees: The selection processes continue for vacancies with greater urgency, with all interviews carried out remotely. Once hired, new employees participate in onboarding, which was adapted to take place 100% online, with welcome kits sent to the new employees' homes.

Sharing knowledge: We are holding online meetings for events that we used to hold in person, such as meetups for our technology areas and talks between our professionals and students. In addition, we have shared the tips and learnings of our employees with the market, through podcasts and on our corporate profiles on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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