Do you know when Barbecue Day is?

Write it down in your diary: April 24th is Valentine’s Day. Barbecue in Brazil. And this celebration doesn't just happen here. The United States and Argentina also celebrate the date, with a day to celebrate the dish made from meat and slowly roasted over a fire. 

Come with us and we'll tell you, below, everything about barbecue day, its origins and even how many of these orders are made on iFood — as well as tips for having a five-star barbecue.

What is the barbecue day?

This date varies from country to country. In countries where the tradition of barbecue is stronger, there is a specific day to celebrate the date. 

In the United States, for example, “National Barbecue Day” is celebrated in May 16. There, barbecue is known as American barbecue (BBQ) and originated in the southern states of the country. 

In Argentina, a country with a strong tradition of meat consumption, “Día Nacional del Asado” is celebrated on October 11th. In the Buenos Aires country, “asado” is made on a “parrilla”, a type of grill. 

Barbecue day in Brazil

The celebration of Barbecue Day on April 24th emerged, of course, in Rio Grande do Sul, through state law 11,929, of 2003, which chose gaúcha barbecue as the typical dish of the region. 

Gaucho barbecue is defined as meat seasoned with coarse salt, roasted by the heat of charcoal or wood embers. in nature, on skewers or arranged on grills, under manual control. 

Why is April 24th barbecue day?

April 24th was chosen as Barbecue Day because the event refers to Gaucho Tradition Day, established by the Brazilian Gaucho traditionalist movement. 

The first Gaucho Traditions Center was founded on April 24, 1948 in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, by students from the traditional Colégio Júlio de Castilho. 

Understand the origin of barbecue

The origin of barbecue in Brazil dates back to leather age, primitive phase of the economic exploration of the pampas —a region of plains south of South America— in the 16th century. 

The cattle left by the Spanish Jesuits in the region reproduced naturally in the coxilhas covered by pasture fields, changing life in the entire region in the following centuries. 

The first adventurers who arrived there fed on the meat of cattle, after which they were slaughtered and their hides were removed for various purposes, such as shoes, houses, harnesses, etc. 

After slaughtering the cattle, pieces of meat were roasted and consumed on site. To roast the meat, the gauchos cut tree branches, on which it was impaled and placed under the fire. 

Barbecue was, therefore, created from this practice of the occupants who settled in the region, which gave rise to one of the most traditional dishes of Brazilian cuisine. 

But do you know what the best barbecue in the world is? 

Some say that the best barbecue in the world is american barbecue of Texas, in the United States, or the roast Argentine from the Córdoba region. 

However, countries outside the traditional barbecue circuit have been gaining ground as the best barbecue in the world, such as Denmark. 

The Nordic country, known for its high standard gastronomy, won the 2022 edition of the World Barbecue Association with the best barbecue in the world. 

But, in addition to the Americas and Europe, countries in Asia and Africa are also known for their typical barbecues, whether done on individual grills or large barbecue pits. 

O Korean barbecue is one of the most popular Asian dishes. It consists of grilling thin slices of meat in small holes on the table, to which the banchan, which are the side dishes that come with small rice dishes.

In China, the char siu is the popular barbecue pork marinated in the sauce of the same name. From South Africa comes the braai, which resembles the North American roast.     

5 tips for having a 5-star barbecue 

A 5-star barbecue depends on a series of techniques that range from choosing the place where the meat will be roasted to the type of cut that must be made. 

Barbecue experts have their own views on how a beginner should start, as shown in the Perfect Barbecue Guide.

We have selected 5 tips for having a 5-star barbecue. 

1 – Fire

The first step is to choose the material used to make the fire: coal, wood or gas. If you choose charcoal (easier and more common), pour the entire contents of the charcoal bag into the grill. Then place most of the charcoal in a corner, leaving a smaller amount (about 10 cm thick) under the grill or skewers. 

Bring charcoal to the center of the grill as needed. Avoid using liquid alcohol to light the fire. Place a bundle of newspaper or cardboard soaked in vegetable oil between the coals to start the fire. Do this process 45 minutes before placing the meat on the barbecue. 

2 – Cut

Choose your favorite cut; If you are a beginner, look for cuts that have more fat, such as brisket, ribs or picanha. There is less chance of them being dry and well done than leaner cuts, such as rump and sirloin. Never pierce the meat or cut it on the grill, this makes the juices go away, leaving it dry. 

3 – Seasoning

Coarse salt is ideal for seasoning meat, especially red meat. Use salt before or after cooking, never during. Use coarse salt with larger stones for larger pieces and coarse salt with smaller stones for smaller pieces. 

White meat, such as pork and poultry, can be marinated with different herbs, sauces and spices. 

4 – Cooking

Barbecue cooking time depends on factors such as temperature, quality and cut of the meat, room temperature, type of grill and type of fire. Ideally, the meat should be at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes before cooking. 

5 – Other ingredients

A barbecue isn't just about meat. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, pumpkin, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, cheeses and breads are great accompaniments for the barbecue, and are great when roasted. 

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