Donations on the iFood app benefited 5 million people in 2022

With R$ 7 million and support from partner NGOs, the amounts donated went to education, food security and reforestation projects

In 2022, customers made more than 1.6 million donations on iFood app. With this, the company raised and transferred R$ 7 million, resources that impacted the lives of 5 million Brazilians. 

This is a summary of the balance of donations on the app between the months of January and December. Therefore, through the app, anyone can donate, and we will pass it on to the NGOs that iFood supports — find out here How is this money being used?

Thus, even before the year ended, donations had already exceeded what was collected in 2021 (R$ 5.1 million) and in 2020 (R$ 3.2 million). 

Thus, with the support of partner NGOs, everything that was donated in 2022 was transformed into 595 thousand meals, 29.9 thousand baskets to feed families and professional training for 13 thousand people. In addition, we will plant 65 million seedlings, an area equivalent to 25 football fields.

Best moments

Taking a brief look back, iFood's main actions, in addition to donations, to collaborate with social demands and causes in 2022 were:

  • January and February: support for CUFA It is Citizenship Action in emergency causes across the country;
  • August: first participation in Child Hope, partnership between Globo and UNESCO, and support for Mc Happy Day;
  • October: for the first time, iFood supported the Telethon, partnership between AACD and SBT (entitled to a check and bike on stage);
  • November: the company was active in Donating Day, connecting customers to NGOs — and launched another way to donate through the app, the rounding;

December: in partnership with Coca-Cola, iFood supported the Christmas Without Hunger of Citizenship Action.

How can I make donations on the iFood app?

Finally, there are three options for making donations within the app itself:

  • Donation at checkout: donate a fixed amount when paying for the order;
  • Round the order value: complete what is missing from the full amount at the time of payment in the app;
  • In profile: make a donation at any time by opening the “Profile” tab and clicking on “Donations”.
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