iFood rises in Merco's ESG responsibility ranking

Company is number 29 among the 100 most responsible Brazilian companies in ESG

In 2022, iFood gained six positions in the Merco ESG Responsibility Ranking (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor), which chooses the most responsible Brazilian companies in ESG. 

With this, the company rose from 35The position for 29The among the one hundred companies classified in the general ranking. In the e-commerce sector ranking, iFood is in third place.

Within the ESG theme, Merco also ranks the companies most responsible for the environment — iFood ranked 27thO place—, internally, with customers and society (the company is in 23O) and at the ethical and governance level (33O).

Merco is a reference corporate monitor in Latin America and has been evaluating companies' reputations since 2000. The results are audited by KPMG, and the evaluation criteria are public and available on the Merco website.

How is Merco’s ESG responsibility ranking created?

To create this ranking, Merco carried out five evaluations with 14 different sources of information.

First, 373 directors of large companies indicated the companies that they consider most responsible in Brazil in terms of ESG. 

This initial list was then evaluated by 458 experts (such as financial analysts, journalists, representatives of NGOs and unions), who gave the companies a score from 0 to 100.

The listed companies are also evaluated by Merco Digital technicians — who analyze the reputation generated in digital media and among influencers — and by 3,000 citizens. This resulted in the final result of those with the best reputation when it comes to ESG.

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