iFood publishes Salary Transparency and Equality Report

Company complies with Law 14,611 and publishes data on salary equity between women and men

Complying with Law 14,611, of July 3, 2023, iFood publishes the Transparency and Equal Pay Report for Women and Men. 

It should be clarified that this report presents information consolidated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) and was prepared taking into account information from e-Social with a base date of December 31, 2022.

However, it is important to emphasize that the methodology used by the MTE to obtain this data involves the analysis of employees' salaries based on the Brazilian Classification of Occupations (CBO), established by ministerial order no. 397 of 2002, which categorizes professional activities in Brazil .

Therefore, the methodology used may suggest the existence of possible salary differences by not indicating the existence of people who have different positions and levels of seniority within the company.

iFood — which has public commitments to promote inclusion and diversity practices— adopts a different approach and considers technical aspects of comparison to monitor pay equity between men and women. 

The company uses an analysis methodology that takes into account the remuneration of men and women, the functions performed, length of service in the company and in the role, level of seniority and area of activity.

iFood is a signatory to UN Women, an initiative created in 2010 to unite, strengthen and expand global efforts in defense of women's human rights. iFood reiterates its intentional commitment to gender equality and will continue to focus its daily actions on building a fair and equitable work environment for everyone.

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