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My High School Diploma
The iFood program in partnership with Descomplica and Termine Seu Estudos offers delivery partners a free preparatory course for the National Exam for Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults (ENCCEJA) in 2022. There are more than 5 thousand partners and partners with scholarships. The test is for people over 18 years of age who have not completed high school. know more.


Free learning tool via Whatsapp developed by the 1Bi Foundation. Students and teachers in the public education network have access to content developed by specialists, and the subjects follow the National Curricular Base (BNCC). The content is also being offered to delivery drivers, their families, partner restaurants and their employees. know more

Tech Marathon
A journey of challenges linked to technology created by iFood and six other companies, together with Associação Cactus. The objective is to awaken interest in the tech universe while still at school and, at the same time, stimulate student learning in the classroom. It is for 9th grade and high school students from public or private schools. In the first phase of Marathon Tech, from May 2nd to June 30th, the challenges will be carried out with the support of teachers who will be trained specifically for this. The 5% of the students who do best will go to a second phase, from August 8th to September 30th, when they will outline their life projects, learn about professions linked to the technology area, learn about logical thinking and program a related digital story to their prospects for the future. The idea is to help develop young people's computational thinking – such an important requirement for current education. The 1st edition of the marathon will seek out the best ideas and recognize efforts with medals and scholarships to continue studies in the technology field.

Technological Experimental Gym
iFood invested in the purchase of equipment for the first Technological Experimental Gymnasiums (GETs) launched in March 2022 by the city of Rio. It is one of the ways to develop new ways of applying STEAM logic (acronym in English for science, engineering, arts and mathematics) inside the school classroom. Through these Gyms, iFood contributes to promoting a teaching model that integrates different areas of knowledge and promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary learning, in a space suitable for teaching logic and programming. There are two rooms equipped with the most modern equipment – from 3D printers to tools that help develop the 'maker' culture, in which students learn by doing – in addition to training teachers to use these spaces and teach these skills.

We support the Expo Movimento Inova event, an initiative by the São Paulo State Department of Education (Seduc-SP), which aims to strengthen the integral development of students in the 6th to 9th year of primary and secondary education.

On D-Day, a warm-up event for Expo Inova 2022, with themes focused on technology and innovation, scientific thinking and life projects, we brought three speakers: Breno Masi, CEO of PKXD and co-founder of PlayKids, João Pedrosa, professor of geography and ex-BBBA In total, around 700 thousand students and teachers were impacted on the day.

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