eSports: iFood sponsors Fluxo in gaming competitions

iFood sponsors eSports for the first time: find out what the partnership will be like with Fluxo, a team from Nobru and Cerol, to support gamers and create new experiences.

Foodtech forms a partnership with the Nobru and Cerol team and wants to create different experiences for gamers

iFood is already the favorite delivery app for the majority (81%) of the community gamer, according to the Game Brasil 2021 survey. Now, the foodtech announces its first sponsorship in the universe of eSports (official electronic game competitions) by supporting Fluxo, an organization created by two of Free Fire's biggest stars, Nobru and Cerol.

This action begins in 2022 with the sponsorship of Fluxo's starting and main teams (or rather, the orgs) and with support for its social project of encouraging new talents in games in the periphery, in addition to creating brand experiences in game house do Fluxo —the HQ where its main players meet.

“eSports are a strong territory for our brand, especially Free Fire, which is an agent of transformation in people's lives. iFood identifies a lot with Fluxo, which was created by two players who came from the periphery and formed one of the biggest teams in the country”, comments Pedro Tozzini, coordinator of connection platforms at iFood.

To publicize the sponsorship, iFood and Fluxo launched the advertising film “Fome de Game”, a manifesto of this movement that talks about this partnership. The campaign, starring Nobru, iFood ambassador, was created by partner 3C and produced by Ventania Filmes. 

“iFood, in addition to being the largest foodtech of Latin America, has always been connected with the gamers. From the first moment, the company understood our essence, what it means to be Fluxo”, comments Nobru, co-founder of Fluxo.

Game hunger

iFood entered the gaming world in 2021 with three notable actions. The first was the creating your metaverse where players can be couriers on Cidade Alta, the main GTA V server in Latin America. “We entered the metaverse to create a cool and different experience, because the community was asking for it”, recalls Pedro. “After that, we understood that the next step would be to enter the competitive world.”

A foodtech then joined Ambev and Nubank to be present at the Good Game WP eSports championship, which had the participation of amateur and professional players. And closed the year creating a pop-up restaurant to celebrate the launch of Arcane, the League of Legends animated series.

Throughout 2022, iFood will promote new actions in partnership with Fluxo. “The future of sports is in eSports. iFood is already present in the players' routine and wants to further feed this hunger for game from the crowd”, concludes Pedro.

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