iFood is the 2nd company with the best reputation on Black Friday

iFood is one of the companies that performed best in terms of reputation on Black Friday according to the Cortex PR 2021 Index.

Cortex PR Index assesses the quality of brand exposure on social media and in media outlets

iFood secured a place on the podium among the companies that stood out most in the press and on social media during Black Friday. With its assertive strategy for distributing discount coupons, iFood took second place in the ranking, led by the shopping platform Shopee.

“We maintained our tradition of bringing a fun campaign, focused on entertainment, but always with a lot of good offers for our consumers”, comments Felipe Pereira, marketing director at iFood. “More than 30,000 dishes were included in the offers at super attractive prices, ranging from R$ 0.99 to R$ 9.99, as well as huge discounts on markets, drinks, pet supplies and even pharmacies.”

In 2021, adds Felipe, iFood reinvented its Offer Show —a success since 2019— and brought celebrities such as actress Maísa and comedian Marcelo Adnet to perform impromptu, connecting iFood offers to different musical styles. “On social media, we connected with what consumers were saying about our promotional month.”

It worked. “The 2021 campaign had engagement rates three times higher than last year, with a higher 25% healthiness, which reflects research results from data intelligence company Cortex.”

This was the second edition of the ranking, prepared by the intelligence company Cortex since 2020. “The characteristic of Black Friday this year was the search for the lowest average ticket, increasing interest in more accessible opportunities, especially food and restaurants”, points out Claudio Bruno, head of media analysis at Cortex. “In this way, the dissemination of offers by restaurants and fast-food chains influences iFood’s brand presence in the media.”

To prepare the ranking, Cortex monitored mentions of brands on social networks and media outlets with national, specialized and regional coverage over ten days.

Analyzing the number of mentions and the quality of the companies' exposure, each of them received a score from 0 to 1 — the Cortex PR Index. The iFood score was 0.72. Check out the scores of the companies in the ranking below:

Cortex PR Index 2021

  • Shopee: 1
  • iFood: 0.72
  • Casas Bahia: 0.7
  • Apple: 0.66
  • C&A: 0.66
  • Riachuelo: 0.61
  • The Apothecary: 0.58
  • Nature: 0.51
  • Aliexpress: 0.51
  • Magalu: 0.49
  • Amazon: 0.47
  • Dafiti: 0.44
  • Free Market: 0.4
  • Renner Stores: 0.4
  • Americanas.com: 0.25
  • Carrefour: 0.22
  • Centaur: 0.22
  • Ambev: 0.15
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