iFood is elected best meal and market delivery in SP

iFood is elected the best meal and market delivery service in the city of São Paulo, according to a survey carried out by Datafolha; find out why.

Foodtech leads in two online shopping categories in the “The best of Sãopaulo” survey by Folha de S.Paulo

In 2022, iFood took double leadership in research “The Best of São Paulo”, an annual survey carried out by Datafolha for Folha de S.Paulo that evaluates the best services offered in the capital of São Paulo.

For the second year in a row, the iFood came first as the best-rated brand in the bar and restaurant delivery category — foodtech was mentioned by 32% of the survey respondents. For the first time, it also led in the supermarket delivery category, with 18% of mentions; in 2021, iFood shared first place with Pão de Açúcar (both were mentioned by 13% of survey participants).

“Market delivery has been growing strongly since its launch in 2019. A few months ago we became the leading platform in the market segment”, says Antonio Mello, director of the market segment at iFood. “We received this recognition because we were present on several consumption occasions for our customers across the country.”

For him, an essential factor for growth in the market category was the expansion of fast delivery, within 30 minutes, of supermarket, pet products, pharmacy and convenience orders. Among the 50,000 stores registered with iFood to deliver market products, 5,000 will make quick deliveries in 2022.

The plans to maintain leadership in the market sector include investment in further speeding up market deliveries and providing services within 10 minutes. “We have the challenge of serving customers on more and more consumption occasions. For the future, we will continue to expand our offer, improve the consumer experience and expand iFood coverage in the market segment”, says Antonio.

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