iFood is gamers' favorite delivery app

Brand is the most used by 8 out of 10 people who enjoy electronic games, according to the Game Brasil 2022 Survey

iFood is people's favorite food delivery app. gamers, points out the “Marcas do Coração” panel, from Game Brazil Survey 2022, carried out by Sioux Group and Go Gamers in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing.

According to the survey, the foodtech is considered the best-known brand by 90% of the 13,051 people interviewed and the most used by 85% in this universe. To reach these results, the research analyzes more than 280 brands from 19 different sectors and measures which companies are best known and used by the electronic gaming public.

Carlos Silva, partner at Go Gamers, he told Meio & Mensagem that the objective of the panel is to understand the relevance of brands in the market both in their sector and in the preferences of consumers gamers.

The Game Brasil Survey showed that 74.5% of the people interviewed play games, a slight increase (2.5 percentage points) in relation to 2021 data — and that the majority of gamers (51%) is female. They are also the majority among those who play in smartphone, while men prefer the console or computer.

The majority of people interviewed in the survey also said they played more games during the period of social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic and who likes the idea of using equipment to see digital objects in the real world for fun activities.
The data shows that the public gamer It's very homely: 95% said they play at home and 74% say their perfect fun is staying at home. When they get hungry, 55% orders a pizza (which is also in the ranking of the most ordered dishes on iFood).

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