iFood partners with TSE and helps disseminate information about the elections

iFood signed an agreement to adhere to the “Institutional Strengthening Program based on Electoral Justice Image Management” and the “Permanent Program to Combat Disinformation”, both from the TSE (Superior Electoral Court). Among the objectives of the initiatives is to disseminate reliable and quality information about democracy and the electoral process.

With membership, iFood is committed to helping the TSE, providing the platform's customers with relevant and practical content in the moments leading up to the elections - for example, remembering to download the e-title and justifying absence, if not able to attend voting day. 

The partnership signed does not imply financial commitments or transfers of resources between the company and the Court, nor the transfer of any personal data of customers or delivery people.

For more information about TSE programs, visit:  https://www.justicaeleitoral.jus.br/desinformacao/#desinformacao-sobre

For more information about the e-Título, visit:
Electoral Justice (justicaeleitoral.jus.br)

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