iFood brings gastronomic experience to Ibirapuera Park

Visitors will be able to try different menus from six restaurants at the iFood Space - for all tastes and budgets! See which ones.

Strolling through Ibirapuera Park, in the capital of São Paulo, can now also be synonymous with a gastronomic experience. At the Space iFood, located in the Events Arena, visitors can find diverse cuisine on the menus of six partner restaurants – Cabana Burger, Bento Box, Dona Deola, Salad's, Lahmajun and Pizza Crek. Prices range from R$ 15 to R$ 50. 

“With these activations, the iFood further reinforces its purpose of bringing innovative experiences to consumers also outside the app, combining leisure and food”, he says John Clark, Marketing Director at iFood. 

The space also accommodates benches in the form of rocking chairs and tables. The minimum distance of four meters between them allows meals to be eaten on site with comfort, fun and safety. All Covid-19 prevention protocols have been followed. 
When accessing the menus through QR Codes, orders are made via the iFood app or through self-service totems, with payment via credit card or cash. 

Orders are sent directly to the restaurant kitchen and, when ready, can be picked up at the counter. This avoids queues and proximity between consumers. 

Partnership with Urbia

Espaço iFood is possible thanks to iFood's partnership with Urbia, a special purpose company owned by the construction company Construcap, which took over the management of this and five other parks in São Paulo at the end of last year. In this endeavor, iFood sponsors the so-called “food universe” and carries out improvements in the parks in question.

Both partners aim to reduce the environmental impact on the city's green areas. While Urbia aims to transform Ibirapuera into the first park in the world with a zero landfill project – which does not send any waste to landfills – the foodtech works to reduce the amount of plastic packaging in its operations as much as possible. In fact, iFood was the first application to commit to the #DeLivreDePlástico action, led by Oceana and the Clean Seas Campaign of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). 

The iFood Space can be visited every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from 9am to 7pm. The fun gets even better with the iFood Ferris wheel, which remains in Ibirapuera Park until October 12th.

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