iFood wins best customer experience award

Company comes first among foodtechs that participated in the NPS Awards 2022

iFood was recognized as the delivery app that offers the best customer experience upon receiving the seal NPS Champion in the category foodtech of NPS Awards 2021. The award, carried out by Exame magazine and SoluCX, carries out research with thousands of consumers to identify companies that are a reference in customer experience.

The company ranked first among foodtechs — and is competing for the overall award again in 2022. The winner will be announced at the NPS Awards event, which will be held in August.

“Listening to customers and enhancing their voice here at the company is one of the main objectives of our area”, says Thais Suzuki, director of customer experience at iFood. “This type of external recognition is important to show us that we are on the right path. We know we still have challenges and improvements to make, but we are focused on evolving even further.”

To rank the companies, the award conducts a survey of thousands of consumers using NPS, which is the acronym for Net Promoter Score. This indicator shows how much customers would recommend a company to friends and family based on the experience they had. 

The research results can direct companies to improve their products and services according to the perception of their users. According to the award organization, the survey has a margin of error of 5% and a minimum sample of 384 responses per brand. Only companies known to at least 15% of the respondents are considered for the award.

Research for continuous improvement

iFood also uses Transactional NPS internally (in addition to other research methodologies and channels listening) to measure the experience of its consumers with each transaction carried out on the application. 

This data is analyzed and cross-referenced with internal business indicators, every month, to identify aspects that can be improved. After analysis, the information is shared with the teams that work directly at the point in the journey that needs improvement.

“We seek, with each order, to understand what the customer experience was like and how we can resolve the problems highlighted. These surveys show us consumer perception so we know if we are actually creating a good experience”, explains Thais. “But it is important to emphasize that taking care of the customer experience is a job for all teams, not just CX. So, this means that winning this award is also the result and merit of the daily dedication of each and every FoodLover at iFood.”

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