Gallery: best moments from the Brazilian Music Award

See what the awards ceremony in Rio was like, which featured performances by artists from different musical styles

This Wednesday, May 31st, there was a lot of Brazilianness and diversity of rhythms at the Brazilian Music Award ceremony, held at the Theatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro. 

For the first time, the award was sponsored by iFood, Brazilian company 100%, as well as the artists who were recognized on that night of celebration.

The honoree of the night was the singer Alcione, one of our greatest samba singers, who in 2023 will celebrate 50 years of career. But rappers, rockers, country musicians and guitarists also took to the stage to receive their awards — there was even Boi Bumbá and Villa-Lobos.

Businessman José Maurício Machline, creator of what is one of the most important awards of national music, had already given the lyrics in interview with iFood News: the event's vocation is to give voice to plurality and contribute to new music made in Brazil.

The winners of the Brazilian Music Award 2023 

The night brought together talents from all generations and a wide variety of sound styles.

Just to give you a quick hint, the team of winners brought together names like Alceu Valença (Best Regional Performer); Elza Soares (Best Pop/Rock Artist); Gilsons (Best Pop/Rock Group); Planet Hemp (Best Urban Music Group), Bala Quero (Best MPB Group) and Marília Mendonça (Best Popular Song Performer), among other highlights.

Want to know how the awards went? Check out the photo gallery for some of the best moments from this celebration of our culture.

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