New Economy: what do data scientists do?

Data scientists are increasingly sought after in the job market — find out here what these professionals do and what their profile is.

Find out what skills are required in the profession that is expected to see the biggest increase in demand by 2025


Do you know the movie and series suggestions you receive when you access your streaming platform? Or the artists recommended for you in the music app? This information is generated from the analysis of data generated by your online behavior — as well as the recommendation of restaurants that you will enjoy when you open the iFood app.

These are the results of the work of data scientists, professionals whose mission is to capture and analyze large volumes of information to bring intelligent insights to the business. This is a profession that is on the rise: analysis and data science will be the jobs with the greatest increase in demand in the market by 2025, according to a World Economic Forum report released in 2020.

What is expected is that a new generation of specialists, trained with an analytical focus, will create technical solutions for complex problems. To achieve this, data scientists combine the profile of scientists with that of computer mathematicians, moving between the universe of IT (information technology) and business.

Data science is a multidisciplinary area, linked to artificial intelligence, responsible for capturing, processing, transforming and analyzing data. Essentials for processes data driven, data scientists create statistics and scientific methods to organize complex information about consumer or market behavior and help companies find patterns and make decisions.

How to be a data scientist?

Many professionals begin their career in the field doing statistical analysis and then develop. Data scientists also need a lot of creativity and attention to translate information results and transform them into tools that help companies grow.

These professionals must also have a range of deep and broad knowledge in the areas of mathematics and science, as well as an observant profile. After all, its mission is to translate a large amount of unstructured information into a language that is easier to understand and use in strategies, planning and in the management of a business.

Another important point is that data scientists are hybrid professionals, as they need to speak two different types of languages, IT and administrative. Anyone who checks all these points has a good chance of doing well in this new profession, increasingly valued in the world. job market.

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