The role of people management in the New Economy

“People” is a fundamental pillar for companies that breathe technology and innovation. Find out how people management is done at iFood

Gustavo Vitti, VP of People and Sustainability at iFood, explains why people management is a fundamental pillar in companies that breathe technology and innovation

O iFood News launch a series in which iFood executives explain how the concepts of New Economy They are present in the strategies of different areas of the company, such as communication, people management, growth and public policies. 

In the area of people management, the speaker is Gustavo Vitti, vice president of People and Sustainability at iFood. In his video, the executive highlights that "people" It is one of the supporting pillars of companies whose business model is based on technology, innovation, agile management, flexible hierarchies, with a focus on ESG and diversity.

"At New Economy, companies are very focused on the solutions they will create, how they will benefit the entire ecosystem and the people who work there” says Vitti.

This is precisely why people management plays an essential role in the business success of companies that adhere to this new business model. Transparency and exchange with those who make iFood happen, explains Vitti, are what sets the company apart.

“It's a very healthy exchange of what we try to offer to these people here, whether in the form of a career, development, opportunity or remuneration, in the same way as these people they also contribute a lot here, but innovations, in the appetite for the risk or to do different things”, explains the VP of People and Sustainability.

Play the video below and watch Gustavo Vitti's full video for iFood News.

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