Why is the pumpkin the symbol of Halloween?

Discover the origins of the tradition of decorating pumpkins and check out some tips on how to innovate when decorating different and scary sweets

As the month of October comes to an end, a very characteristic symbol of Halloween begins to appear: the pumpkin. But do you know why this vegetable is the icon of traditional Halloween?

To begin with, the date has Irish origins: it comes from the “Samhain” festival, which marks the transition from summer to winter in the northern hemisphere, reports the Hola. To ward off evil spirits, which were believed to appear to haunt people, frightening expressions were carved into common seasonal vegetables such as turnips.

Over time, the tradition received a new nuance, reports the Guide of the Week, based on an Irish folklore figure: Stingy Jack, known for having tricked the devil and being condemned to spend eternity wandering the Earth as a spirit.

To see in the dark, legend has it, Jack made a lantern using a hollow turnip and coal. Over time, the tradition of carving vegetables and placing lights inside became popular around the world — and the pumpkin, very common in the United States at Halloween time, became the main symbol of this festival, reports the BBC.

From then on, the most diverse typical Halloween dishes emerged, which, obviously, contain this ingredient: pumpkin pie, pumpkin jam, Pumpkin spice latte (which is a latte with pumpkin puree and spices) and so on.

In Brazil, however, we don't have many typical pumpkin recipes — besides the traditional pumpkin jam, of course. But Halloween has been gaining momentum here year after year and, in addition to the tradition of sweets, Brazilians have invented their own delicious — and often terrifying — delicacies. See tips below:

How to decorate spookily delicious candies

How about turning a simple (but always delicious) chocolate cake into a beautiful Halloween decoration? Made with meringue, these little ghosts just amaze with their cuteness!

A sausage roll is always a good choice, but have you ever heard of mummified sausages? This effect can be achieved by wrapping strips of puff pastry around the sausage and decorating with edible eyes. Without a doubt, a deliciously terrifying delicacy!

Halloween isn't just made of treats full of sugar: with gossip, bananas, celery stalks and a lot of creativity, you can prepare a fun and healthy decoration.

Cookies in the shape of bats, candy apples, ghost sticks and whatever your creativity dictates: the important thing is that the delicacies are amazingly tasty.

Somewhat peculiar, these delicacies are ideal for those who like to eat sweets until they lick their fingers or those who, instead of eating with their eyes, prefer to eat foods that look like them.

But if, even with these inspirations, you still prefer to buy ready-made sweets to celebrate Halloween, there's no need to be scared: in the iFood app you'll find the most diverse delicacy options for the event.

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