Home office and social distancing

We anticipated municipal and state decrees and since March 16th, we have established that our approximately 2,500 employees work in a home office system, as a way of minimizing the risk of contagion not only for those who work with us but, also, from the entire society, contributing to a scenario in which the country can prioritize health efforts for those who need it most.

Partner operations:

Although the call center was declared by the Federal Government as an essential service, a contingency plan was drawn up to guarantee remote work and social isolation for the thousands of people who are part of our service operation. Furthermore, as a preventive measure, people who are part of the risk group were immediately removed from offices and are at home, since the pandemic declaration made by the World Health Organization.

Remote Work Tools:

We are testing, structuring and studying the best tools and formats for remote work. We are using the moment to create conditions to expand remote work even after the crisis.

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