iFood launches #BoraDescer campaign at Rio Carnival to raise awareness among customers

The initiative is part of a set of company actions aimed at raising customer awareness and valuing the delivery driver.

February, 2024 – iFood, Brazilian technology company, begins the #BoraDescer action, which begins during the carnival in the city of Rio de Janeiro, but which has the long-term objective of raising awareness among the app's customers so that come down to pick up your orders, as an act of kindness and respect towards the professional who is involved in day-to-day deliveries.

The campaign will feature two activations. In partnership with the Coordination for the Promotion of Racial Equality of Rio de Janeiro and the Superliga Carnavalesca do Brasil, from February 11th, the distribution of cups with the motto #BoraDescer will begin, in parades of samba schools in the Silver series, Bronze and the Assessment group, on the Intendente Magalhães road, in the North Zone.

On February 4th, during Rio's pre-carnival, the singer Preta Gil has already invited revelers to come down to pick up orders, kicking off the awareness campaign during Rio's carnival. 

“The #BoraDescer campaign is for everyone to create awareness of the importance of valuing and respecting the delivery person and picking up their order at the entrances of buildings and condominiums. In addition to speeding up delivery, this reduces the risks faced by professionals, who often need to leave their motorbikes and bicycles, along with the bag, while they go up to deliver the order to the customer, leaving themselves exposed to possible theft in this short space of time”, says Johnny Borges, director of Social Impact at iFood. 

For the Rio Racial Equality Promotion Coordinator, the #BoraDescer campaign also helps to combat prejudice. Cebrap research from 2023 showed that 68% of app delivery people declare themselves black or mixed race. 

“The Coordination for the Promotion of Racial Equality of the city of Rio celebrates the partnership with iFood and the Superliga during the Rio carnival. We understand that activation work against the racism it depends on large institutions united around such an urgent issue. For this reason, let's go together on the avenue to make revelers aware of the importance of reporting racism on our reporting portal 1746, in addition, we join iFood with respect for employees who, for the most part, are black people, therefore, collaborate and #BoraDescer!”, says Yago Feitosa da Paschoa, coordinator of the Promotion of Racial Equality at the city of Rio de Janeiro. 

“On behalf of the Superliga, it is with great satisfaction that we celebrate this important partnership with the Rio Racial Equality Promotion Coordination and iFood. We believe that our participation in such urgent causes is extremely important. Carnival says no to racism, and in support of our brother collaborators at iFood, we will also say: #BoraDescer”, comments Pedro Silva, president of the Superliga.

The importance of the #BoraDescer campaign

In recent months, the number of cases of physical and verbal aggression against delivery people in the city of Rio de Janeiro has registered a significant number – between August and October 2023 alone, around 600 cases of aggression were reported – the majority of which were generated by the supposed mandatory The delivery person goes to the door of the customer's home and not to the closest point of contact, such as the condominium's main entrance, as per the guidance given by iFood to delivery people and customers. 

One of the ways iFood found to reduce this number was the creation of the Legal and Psychological Support Center, a partnership with the collective of black lawyers, Black Sisters in Law, which provides legal and psychological assistance to delivery drivers who are victims of discrimination, physical aggression, threat, harassment, abuse and/or sexual violence.

Furthermore, in January 2024, the in-person service of the Legal and Psychological Support Center, which operates within the Black Sisters in Law office, in the Vila da Penha neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro.

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