iFood is gamers' favorite delivery app

The app is preferred by 90.6% of participants, according to the Game Brasil 2024 Survey

São Paulo, March 2024 – In a revelation that highlights the growing intersection between electronic gaming culture and everyday consumption, the Game Brazil Survey (PGB) 2024 identified iFood as the preferred delivery app among the gaming public. With an impressive preference of 90.6%, iFood stands out significantly among brands that interact with this audience.

The research, which mapped more than 400 brands in various categories, revealed valuable insights into the relationship between gamers and brands. A significant majority of 57% respondents indicated a preference for purchasing products from brands that operate in the gaming universe. Additionally, 65.3% of participants believe it is important for brands to address gaming-related topics in their communications, while 68.2% appreciate seeing brands integrated into games, such as custom skins.

This data highlights the importance of an authentic and engaged brand presence in the gaming world, not just as a marketing strategy, but as a way to build genuine connections with a vibrant and expanding community.

iFood's recognition as gamers' favorite delivery app is a testament to the brand's success in establishing a meaningful relationship with this audience, demonstrating its commitment to understanding and meeting their unique needs and preferences.

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