Hexa in hand: iFood releases the sixth star to evaluate orders

From 12/2, anyone who places an order will be able to give extra strength to orders that receive five stars

The sixth star may not have yet arrived on the shirt of Brazilian fans, who have been waiting for the sixth time in the biggest football championship in the world for 20 years. But it is now available on the iFood app.

From 2/12, when Brazil takes the field against Cameroon, iFood customers will be able to give a sixth star to orders that they rate with five stars and give that boost to their fans for the hexa.

“When we look at all the apps, the best rating is always five stars. Therefore, we join this current of positive energy together with fans and customers to send the sixth star to Brazil”, says Ana Gabriela Lopes, marketing director at iFood. 

With this new action, iFood is present in the world as the sponsor of good times Brazilian fans, especially on social media. In 2022, the company sponsors the Caze Cup, where the streamer Casimir make your famous reactions of the plays and narrates some matches of the tournament — and you can follow it live on YouTube, on Caze TV channel, or in Twitch.

Furthermore, iFood sponsors presenter Fernanda Gentil, who will mobilize the fans to enjoy the moments of the World Cup with promotions and opportunities to experience the brand on social media. 

iFood activations throughout the championship also take place during events that bring fans together in São Paulo and Rio and include shows and big screens. In São Paulo, the meetings are at the iFood Arena Brasileira, in the external area of the Ibirapuera Park Auditorium. In Rio, the stage for this current for the sixth star is Village Betano, at the Jockey Club Brasileiro.

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