iFood Decola brings new courses for restaurants

On free trails, entrepreneurs learn how to win more customers and sell better on the app

With the aim of encouraging education, the iFood Takes Off, a platform that offers free trails and courses in different areas of knowledge for restaurants, delivery people and markets, welcomes a new season of training courses.

The platform offers more than 100 courses, totaling 60 hours of classes. There are several training options: they range from content that seeks to improve the delivery performance of restaurants to personal development classes for delivery men and women.

What's new for restaurants?

Anyone who has their own business, especially a small one, can learn how to boost sales with the new courses at Takes off for restaurants. In the area of entrepreneurship, Monique Evelle, founder of Inventivos, an entrepreneur training platform, teaches how to increase revenue and win new customers.

João Barcelos, a reference in delivery, brings new courses with techniques for growing sales in the app. Fabio Bindes, founder and CEO of Grupo Lago Franquias, teaches ways to increase profits.

Among the content on gastronomy, it is worth highlighting the chef's course João Diamante, which explains possible careers in a restaurant, how to manage a kitchen and other learnings for the area. Regina Tchelly teaches tips and recipes to combat waste, making full use of food.

The expansion of courses also brought content that helps in the training of waiters and waiters, service techniques, assembly and marketing of marmitex, in partnership with Eduk.

How has iFood Decola contributed to education so far?

Since the creation of iFood Decola, in 2021, the courses have already generated more than 215 thousand certificates for more than 75 thousand people. For Luanna Luna, Education Manager at iFood, the platform speaks to the company's social purpose. “We value our partners and want them to develop professionally and personally”, he explains.

The company's investments in education are one of the initiatives for the public commitment to train more than five million people in five years for the future of work and entrepreneurship. 

To access iFood Decola for restaurants, click on the link or register at




Value: free

Format: online

Available trails: 

  • How to have visibility on iFood?
  • Everything about a successful menu
  • Marketing in practice
  • Courses for restaurant staff
  • Get your ideas off paper, get started!
  • Learn about kitchen management from those who know best
  • Personal development: for you and your team
  • To marathon and become a delivery specialist
  • DecolaFlix.
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