iFood launches technology to help restaurants operate safer when reopening salons

“Na Mesa” allows customers to place orders and make payments on their cell phones at the restaurant without charging establishments fees for the service until the end of the year

At a time that still requires care, iFood continues to develop initiatives and solutions to support restaurants. Following measures to ease social isolation in the country, many restaurants are beginning to prepare for the reopening of their dining rooms. For this new phase, the company developed technology to help these establishments offer more security in the salon so that customers can return to the spaces and will be exempt from fees until the end of 2020.

With 'Na Mesa', the app now allows iFood users to use their own application on their cell phone to consult the menu, customize their orders, make payments and monitor the preparation status – thus minimizing the need for physical contact, which is recommended for this period of return to normality. Self-service technology works both for those who want to eat on site and for those who prefer to take their food to go. The resource will work through a QR Code that will be on the counter or on the restaurant table and that must be scanned using the app itself to then choose the dish directly from the digital menu.

“Restaurants across Brazil, through technology, have reinvented themselves or boosted their digitalization process to get through this pandemic moment in a safe and sustainable way. From now on, with the beginning of reopening, we are anticipating bringing technology through “Na Mesa”, which will provide greater security for customers to return to these locations. By controlling their experience in the palm of their hand, they avoid crowding in queues and save time, comfort and peace of mind”, explains Jason Oh, head of New Business at iFood.

'Na Mesa' will be implemented from the second week of July throughout Brazil. The expectation is that, by September, 50,000 restaurants will have adopted the technology.

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