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A New Normal is approaching and as social distancing rules begin to change, the reopening of establishments begins to take effect as well.

Following measures to ease social isolation in the country, many restaurants are beginning to prepare for the reopening of dining rooms. For this New Normal, the company developed technology to help these establishments offer more security in the salon so that customers can return to the spaces.

We create the On the table a new form of service that allows the consumer, while in the restaurant, to place and pay for the order through the iFood app.

This is a new iFood technology that will allow consumers to place their orders to:

  • pick up at the counter and take it to go;
  • consume in the lounge and food courts.

How it works:

By opening the cell phone's camera or opening the QR-Code reader located on the app's home page, the consumer reads a QR-Code and enters the salon's specific menu where they place the order and make payment online.

What types of restaurants does the product serve?

The product is made for restaurants of any type of cuisine that serve at the counter (customers order at the cashier and take it to go or sit at the table) and for restaurants that work with table service, where the customer can sit and place/receive the order on the table.

In both cases, the customer does not need to go to the cashier or counter. He enters the salon, places the order and pays using his cell phone.

Initially, the restaurants covered will be those that have an iFood* Order Manager.

How it will work for the restaurant:

Restaurants can place QR-codes on their counters and/or tables so that customers can access the digital menu within the iFood app.

After the user confirms their order, it will automatically arrive in the restaurant's Order Manager, exactly as it works today when receiving a Delivery or Collection order. Finally, the customer receives their order at the counter or table where they are sitting.

It is possible to join Na Mesa easily by opting in (accepting) on the iFood portal. The platform provides a download kit with some communication pieces such as stickers, posters, table and counter signs that can be printed for use indoors or outdoors. The cost of producing this material is the responsibility of the establishment.

With Na Mesa, the restaurant wins and the consumer wins



  • Order made via the user's own cell phone;
  • Avoids contact with a printed menu or card machine;- No need to be close to the attendant;- Reduces the crowding of people in line.


  • Save time, comfort and tranquility;
  • You can use the benefits you have on iFood.



  • Ensures greater safety and health for customers and employees.

Special conditions

  • Zero fee, no additional cost for the restaurant to try the technology until 12/31/21. The restaurant will only pay 1.99% transaction fee.
  • Close to the end of the condition, there will be a new communication with the establishment about conditions so that it can evaluate whether to continue with this format.

Income increase

  • With this new format, customers feel safer to return to restaurants again.


  • The restaurant differentiates itself from others with this new way of operating.

iFood, through technology, is in constant movement, seeking solutions that meet the real needs of its entire ecosystem. This is Our Delivery.

In this link https://namesa.ifood.com.br/ You can find out a little more about this solution and, in the case of restaurants, how to be part of it.

*About the Order Manager: it is the solution used by restaurants registered with iFood to operate on the platform, which is mainly used by establishments that do not have a management system or that work with a system without integration with iFood.

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