3 Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your Experience with iFood

Discover how you can have a good experience with very simple actions

Discover how you can enjoy an incredible iFood experience with simple but effective tips.

Check out these incredible tips from the Customer Experience team!

1. Keep your order notifications active

To the app notifications on your cell phone are essential to guarantee the best experience with iFood. They keep you informed about the status of your order, such as when it is due for delivery or when a discount coupon is available. If you prefer, you can customize your notifications in the iFood app to only receive information relevant to your order, thus maintaining a more organized experience.

2. Track your order progress in the app

Did you know that iFood offers functionality that allows track the progress of your order In real time? In the app, you can see each step of the process, from preparation to delivery. This provides greater peace of mind and convenience, as you always know exactly where your order is.

3. Make delivery easier by finding the delivery person

If your order is being delivered by an iFood partner, a useful tip is to find the delivery person when he is nearby. If you live in a condominium, you can go to the entrance to receive your order, or wait near the gate of your residence. This speeds up the delivery process and ensures that your meal reaches you hot and delicious.

We want every experience with iFood to be memorable and satisfying. Follow these tips to make the most of the service and enjoy incredible meals whenever you want.

*Remember that the deadline for withdrawing the order in restaurants is considered “delayed” after 10 minutes after the delivery person has arrived at his destination, while in other stores, the delay is configured after 30 minutes. After this period, if the order is not ready to be picked up, it may be canceled with no refund. Let's make every meal a celebration together!
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