Delivery de Vantagens offers a support point for couriers

Discover the spaces where delivery men and women can rest, use the bathroom, drink water and heat meals

In their day-to-day work, iFood delivery men and women have spaces dedicated to making strategic stops during work. They are the support points, one of the initiatives of the Delivery of Advantages.

Support points are physical spaces for the delivery man or woman to take a break to rest during deliveries. They are located in iFood partner restaurants, in delivery hubs or in public spaces.

At support points located in restaurants, delivery people can drink water and go to the bathroom. And in those that are public, you can also recharge your cell phone battery, heat your lunch in the microwave or simply “stretch” your legs between runs.

In restaurants, iFood currently offers 742 support points, spread across 15 Brazilian cities.

In March, five new support points were opened: in Brasília, Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Goiânia and Belo Horizonte).

Delivery girl experience

Delivery driver Mayele Araujo, who works in the city of Sorocaba (SP), highlights the importance of equipment that she considers essential at iFood support points: the bathroom.

“Especially because I’m a woman, it’s more difficult to use the bathroom when I’m on the street,” she says. “With the availability of using the bathroom and drinking water at the support point, I can rest assured, without having to travel to my house or look for another place to carry out these activities.”

Support points constitute one of the eight pillars of the new Delivery of Advantages from iFood.

The program was expanded in 2023 to bring together all the advantages offered to delivery men and women, free of charge or with discounts, in the same environment: the iFood application for these professionals.

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