iFood increases delivery drivers' earnings at a level above inflation

Company increases, for the third consecutive year, the amounts paid; increase will be 4.5%

As of July 3rd, iFood increases delivery drivers' earnings by 4.5%. This is the third consecutive year that the company has readjusted the amounts paid to delivery drivers, taking into account fluctuations in fuel prices and inflation. 

This initiative is part of iFood's commitment to valuing, training and educating delivery men and women. Since 2019, the company has invested in programs such as Delivery of Advantages (with the offer of insurance and health assistance) and courses so that delivery drivers graduate from high school or enter the technology market

“The agenda of valuing delivery drivers is a priority for us. We are constantly talking to them as a way to better understand the most important demands and how we can work together to achieve operational improvements and improvements in the delivery person's experience with our platform and so that the category of delivery people is increasingly valued and respected by the society”, says Stella Chamarelli, director of Delivery Experience at iFood.

With this adjustment, iFood intends to promote an increase that is higher than inflation for the period and that benefits all delivery people who work with the platform.

Delivery drivers will receive, on average, an adjustment of 4.5%. This increase in delivery drivers' earnings is above the accumulated inflation since the last adjustment, carried out in April 2022. Between May 2022 and May 2023, this inflation was 3.74%, according to INPC (National Consumer Price Index). In addition, the value of the minimum route will also increase by 8.3% (from R$ 6 to R$ 6.50).

Valuation goes beyond the earnings of delivery people

In addition to the value received for deliveries, the delivery drivers keep 100% of tips given by customers and have discounts and access to free services offered by iFood and its partners, such as:

Delivery of Advantages

The program, launched in 2019, was reformulated to better meet the demands of couriers by offering free services and discounts on services they consider a priority, such as:

  • Health care with free teleconsultations with doctors, face-to-face consultations from R$ 19.90, discount of up to 80% in pharmacies and a 20% discount on the dental plan. In 2023, couriers have already saved more than R$ 4 million on pharmacy purchases;
  • Safe life insurance in case of accidental death (up to R$ 100,000) and funeral assistance (R$ 5,000) and insurance in case of temporary injury (up to R$ 1,500 in compensation with absence equal to or greater than seven days) or permanent disability (up to R$ 100 thousand); 
  • Coverage of medical, hospital and dental expenses arising from the accident (up to R$ 15 thousand), via reimbursement or an accredited network; 
  • Motorcycle insurance with a discount of 12% (Suhai/I'm Guaranteed) and 100% coverage from the Fipe Table in the event of theft, theft or total loss of the motorcycle in a collision;
  • Access to free personal and professional development courses iFood Takes Off, technology training in Tech Power and to My High School Diploma;
  • iFood Pedal: traditional or electric bicycle rental for prices ranging from R$ 7.90 to R$ 32 per week
  • Support Points, which are spaces for the delivery man or woman to take a break to rest during deliveries

Legal and Psychological Support Center

Since June 2023, iFood has been offering delivery drivers, in partnership with Black Sisters in Law, a legal and psychological assistance center free to anyone who suffers discrimination at work. The cases reported on the application are directed to assistance by lawyers and psychologists.

Furthermore, in June, iFood became the first Brazilian company to support the Ethos Commitment Letter on Decent Work on Digital Platforms. In this document, the company undertakes to seek the best practices, policies and procedures to offer fair working conditions.

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