My High School Diploma trains more than 5 thousand delivery people and is expanding

Program will offer 60 thousand scholarships for those who want to finish their studies and will include teams from partner restaurants in 2024

This Tuesday (27), around 500 delivery men and women were at the iFood headquarters, in Osasco (SP) for the high school graduation ceremony. They were part of the second group of the program My High School Diploma, which offers scholarships for the preparatory course for Encceja (National Examination for Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults), the test that gives a certificate of completion of basic education.

In 2023, 5,264 delivery men and women passed through Encceja and finished their studies. This means an increase of 500% compared to the first edition of the program, held in 2022.

This year, more than 8,500 people have already shown interest in participating in My High School Diploma, held in partnership with Finish Your Studies, edtech specialized in the preparatory course for Encceja. 

And there's news: in 2024 entrepreneurs and employees of restaurants registered with iFood will also be able to sign up for the program. Registration for the third edition of the program is now open, through the app for delivery drivers and official communications for restaurants.

“Education has the power to change society, create opportunities and build a more equal future for everyone. My Diploma exists to support partners on this study journey and help them broaden their perspectives. We want all delivery drivers who don’t have a high school education to see that there is still a chance to start over.”

Currently, around 71 thousand delivery drivers registered with iFood (30% at the platform's base) have not completed high school. “For 2024, our goal is to reach 60 thousand people with the program”, says Luana. “With the expansion of the program to entrepreneurs and employees of establishments, we hope to contribute to reducing inequalities and to the learning journey of these people.”

Now there's WhatsApp on My High School Diploma

In 2024, My High School Diploma brings another new feature: AprendiZAP Encceja. This is a tool developed by the 1Bi Foundation and offered free of charge as a school supplement via WhatsApp, using generative AI. 

AprendiZAP brings content to assist in learning for Youth and Adult Education (EJA), and for the Encceja test simulation, with tutoring using artificial intelligence. In addition, the tool also helps with the operational part of the Program, such as remembering registration and Encceja test dates.

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