iFood drone: company is the first in the Americas to receive authorization from Anac

Experimental flights in Campinas (SP) could start in 2020

The iFood drone is already a reality. The leading foodtech in Latin America will be the first in the Americas to begin experimental flights to carry out deliveries certified by Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency). 

On Wednesday (05/08), the Speedbird Aero It is AL Drones, companies responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations, received the Experimental Flight Authorization Certificate (CAVE).

Therefore, see how deliveries with the iFood drone will work and its benefits: 

How was the iFood drone tested?

In July, Speedbird Aero and AL Drones promoted the final tests of the project in São José dos Campos (SP), with the participation of Anac. 

“The project was handled professionally. Every detail of the aircraft was worked on with great attention, making unmanned aerial logistics a possibility in the country”, highlights Samuel Salomão, founder and CPO of Speedbird Aero. The entire certification process took around 11 months”, explains Roberto Gandolfo, vice-president of Logistics at iFood.

Therefore, to carry out the tests, it was important to establish a partnership with Shopping Iguatemi Campinas, where the drone travels a route of approximately 400m, from one end of the mall to the other. 

“This was an important step towards building a safe, efficient and economically sustainable project together with our partners and responsible bodies. This is a very significant step in the evolution of the commercial use of drones. Our primary objective is to use the drone to bring more efficiency to the logistics operation. We are confident in the evolution that the use of this modal combined with artificial intelligence can bring to the company,” adds Roberto Gandolfo. 

How will iFood drone delivery work?

The drone will not deliver to customers' windows. The idea is that it complements the operation of traditional modes. Thus, the first part of the delivery route will be carried out, to be completed by a delivery man with motorcycle, bike or scooter.

A 400-meter route will connect the food court at Shopping Iguatemi Campinas and the iFood Hub, a structure within the enterprise that routes orders. Delivery should take an average of 2 minutes, a distance covered on foot could take 12 minutes. From there, the last part of the journey is made by delivery people.

There is also a second flight route that they will also carry out on an experimental basis, which will begin at the iFood Hub and final destination at the droneport of a condominium complex close to the shopping mall. According to estimates, the 2.5 kilometer route that would be completed in 10 minutes by land will now be completed in 4 minutes.

Due to the advancement of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company is evaluating the most appropriate time to start the project, taking into account the well-being and health of employees and partners. The first experimental flights are expected to be carried out in the coming months.

What are the benefits of iFood drone delivery?

One of the main benefits of the iFood drone is to improve delivery logistics. 

Thus, long stretches between restaurants/stores and delivery people that would otherwise be on foot will be done via the iFood modal. Optimizing delivery time and operation as a whole. 

Furthermore, routes that would be difficult to cross by land, such as lakes, mountains and congested roads, will rely on drones, also reducing delivery time. 

Finally, another important benefit of the drone is that it is 100% sustainable. In other words, its operation will reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

Who can deliver by drone on iFood?

The drone will not replace the delivery person, however, the modal will be piloted by specialized professionals and following all ANAC rules. 

Additionally, there is a weight limit and restriction on products that can be delivered via drone. Delivery will only work for medicines, food and postal items. 

How to deliver by drone on iFood?

To deliver with the iFood drone, you need to take some care. Check out: 

  • Maximum weight of 2.5 kg;
  • Respect the dimensions of the transport box; 
  • Be careful with the equipment; 
  • Take weather readings, measure winds and make quick decisions.

Furthermore, delivery with the modal will work like any other iFood delivery, for the consumer, delivery person and partner establishments. 

About iFood

iFood, the leading foodtech in Latin America, processes 39 million orders per month. Having been on the market for nine years, the Brazilian company is also present in Mexico and Colombia. The application works with partners with initiatives that bring together business intelligence and management solutions for more than 200 thousand restaurants registered in more than a thousand cities across Brazil. iFood has important investors, such as Movile, a global leader in mobile marketplaces, and Just Eat, a global hybrid marketplace for online food delivery.

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