iFood Tech Day teaches techniques for programming using Rust

In a free event, experts share experiences and tips for mastering the language used in large technology companies

Have you ever heard of Rust? This is a relatively new programming language, but widely used in large companies — such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and iFood —, and which is on the rise due to its high performance and easy integration with other languages.

The future of Rust in Brazil will be the theme of iFood Tech Day, a technical event that will be held on September 10th at the iFood headquarters in Osasco (SP). For a whole day, experts from iFood and other institutions will share their experiences, use cases, successes, failures — as well as a lot of code.

Additionally, there will be a talk with Niko Matsakis, senior engineer at AWS and co-lead from the design team of this language open source. He has worked with Rust since 2011 and led the creation of one of the language's main differentiators: loan checker

Niko was once a member of core team of Rust, lead the Rust compiler team and helped launch the Rust Foundation. Before working on Rust, he completed a PhD at ETH Zurich and did his undergraduate work at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The free event will be held in partnership with technology communities and is open to all people who want to know more about Rust, both those who are already familiar with the language and those looking to learn new ways or want to share their experiences.

“The idea that Rust is difficult to learn, or that it has a steep learning curve, is less true today. Yes, it uses a different mental model than most modern languages, but if you think about how programming languages work and how computers work, Rust makes sense,” writes Dotan Nahum, CEO of Spectrum, in a article for the Rust Foundation. “If you tried programming in C, C++, or Assembly during school, or even just played around with them, you will understand Rust.”

How to participate

iFood Tech Day will take place in person and online, as will be broadcast on the iFood Universo channel on Youtube. Space will be limited to 120 participants (maximum capacity allowed on site), but there is no limitation on the number of remote participations.

In the morning, in addition to the special session with Niko Matsakis, there will be a talk on the challenges of creating a national-scale project made with Rust Lang and a panel on “Women of Rust”, in which four developers will talk about projects, challenges and opportunities. In the afternoon, speakers will discuss topics such as a library for error handling, how to develop Rust applications on AWS and the future of Rust in Brazil.


iFood Tech Day

When: Saturday, September 10, 2022

Time: from 10am to 7pm

Where: iFood Headquarters – Av. dos Autonomistas, 1496 – Vila Yara, Osasco or no iFood Universe channel on Youtube.

Registrations: on the event page

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