Australian foods play alongside Brazilian foods

Gastronomy of Australia and New Zealand, host countries of the women's football tournament, finds parallels with the cuisine of Brazil

The world is watching women's football. The biggest tournament on the planet in this modality takes place in Australia and New Zealand. If iFood, a Brazilian company, and we are all rooting for our team to do well there, you can say that, in the kitchen, the “gastronomic chakras” are already aligned between the championship’s host countries and Brazil.

When we compare the highlights of our culinary selection with the gastronomic stars of the two nationalities of Oceania, we identify delicious coincidences.

It's not surprising. After all, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, all located in the Southern Hemisphere, are also synchronized in relation to the seasons, whose periods coincide in the three countries.

In the seasons of taste, a good example of tuning is the barbecue. However, in Australia, it is called “barbie”, and this has nothing to do with the doll: it is an abbreviation for “barbecue” (barbecue in English).

However, lamb meat is the one that calls the shots on the “barbie”, which generally doesn’t happen here: beef reigns supreme among us, whether in flank steak, rump steak, sirloin steak or sirloin steak on the grill.

Furthermore, seafood often appears at Australian barbecue. And you, would you enjoy this delicacy on your Sunday barbecue? Or cut it for sausage or some chicken hearts on a skewer?

Australian and New Zealand foods: from fish to kiwi

Speaking of the sea, the fish and chips, or fish and potatoes, is a popular dish in Australia. It is said that it was taken there by English colonizers.

The combination is not yet very popular in Brazil, but it is already popping up in several establishments. And let's agree that everything has to work out, as in the case of two stars who shine at their clubs and end up playing together on the national team.

Breaded fish is a big hit in Brazilian bars. A French friesSo, don't even talk about it. So combine the useful with the pleasant, or better yet, the appetizing with the irresistible, and it's a sure win.

Do you like kiwi? Be aware that, in New Zealand, kiwi is not only a green-fleshed fruit, but also a bird. Neither one nor the other flies.

Neither type of kiwi is part of the kiwi burger, which has become a classic sandwich in New Zealand. It is made of lamb, beetroot, grilled onion and fried egg, all served on toasted bread.

Kiwi is also a nickname for the local citizen. Oh, and one more piece of information for this kiwi fruit basket: New Zealand is the world's second largest producer of kiwi fruit. Which is also very popular in Brazil, but doesn't give its name to any sandwich here.

Sweet similarities

It's time for dessert. If you like prestige cake, get ready to try the Lamington, an Australian cake made from sponge cake, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with grated coconut.

Fans of meringues, on the other hand, will sigh (forgive the pun) with pavlova, a sweet found in Australia and New Zealand and which is still a big meringues that contains cream. It can also be compared to our meringue. And it was named after the Russian ballerina Ana Pavlova.

Those who prefer to indulge in a gastronomic chill, in the best of senses, can opt for the ice cream hokey pokey, one of New Zealand's favorite ice creams.

The recipe is nothing out of this world – and you’ve certainly tried something similar. Nothing more, nothing less than vanilla or cream ice cream with pieces of airy caramel. Do you enjoy our well-known crunchy ice cream? Well, you could say that he and Hokey Pokey are first cousins.

Therefore, you might think that Brazil is playing the women's football championship practically at home. Let the cup come, then – the champion's cup, and the ice cream cup too, to once and for all enhance this banquet of culinary and sporting achievements.

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