iFood joins the campaign to combat religious discrimination in RJ

Companies will use technology to raise public awareness about religious diversity

iFood does not tolerate any type of discrimination, prejudice or violence — neither against delivery men and women nor against customers and stores. Anyone who has this type of attitude may be suspended or excluded from the platform, in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Combating Discrimination and company violence.

To reinforce this commitment, iFood —through Amobitec (Brazilian Mobility and Technology Association)— enters into a partnership with Rio’s Secretariat for Inclusion and Religious Diversity to carry out campaigns to combat discrimination and intolerance.

This project, “Mobility through Diversity”, will be carried out by the secretariat together with the mobility companies represented by Amobitec. Its aim is to combat discrimination and promote awareness of religious diversity.

The campaign will also disseminate messages supporting diversity in the city of Rio de Janeiro and will have joint awareness actions. Disclosure will be made through “push” messages, emails and similar technologies.

Why does iFood support a campaign against religious discrimination?

This partnership was motivated after an episode of religious intolerance committed by an app driver who refused to take a family to a Candomblé terreiro in Duque de Caxias (RJ) in 2023.

iFood seeks to promote an ethical, safe and respectful environment on its platform. Therefore, it does not tolerate discriminatory attitudes, including religious ones. The company has a policy with rules that combat discrimination and apply to everyone: delivery drivers, customers, stores, logistics operators and franchisees. 

  • Prejudice is a crime. To report religious intolerance, dial 1746

To combat this type of attitude, the “Mobility for Diversity” project wants to promote awareness about religious diversity with the support of companies that provide technological services related to the mobility of people or goods — such as iFood and other delivery and travel intermediation applications. of private individual transport for urban mobility.

Using companies that provide technological services related to the mobility of people or goods as a communication channel, the project seeks to reach and educate a wider audience, reinforcing the importance of respect and inclusion in our society.

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