SOS Mata Atlântica recovers the most devastated biome in the country

Understand how this iFood partner NGO mobilizes society and public spheres to conserve and restore the forest

iFood is a partner of SOS Mata Atlântica since 2021. Therefore, you can use the app to make donations to this NGO dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the most devastated biome in Brazil.

The partnership with iFood has already brought more than R$ 1 million to the SOS Mata Atlântica until December 2023. This amount made it possible to plant more than 60 thousand seedlings, most of them in the São Paulo municipalities of Porto Feliz and Marabá Paulista.

The history of SOS Mata Atlântica begins in the 1980s: on the initiative of scientists, businesspeople, journalists and environmental advocates, the organization represented the maturation of the environmental movement in the country.

How does SOS Mata Atlântica work?

Since its inception, the NGO has promoted the planting of native tree seedlings in degraded locations and is strongly involved in public policy actions and educational initiatives.

In terms of hands on work directly on the land, more than 42 million seedlings have already been planted in nine states and 530 Brazilian municipalities, recovering 23 thousand hectares of forest, an area equivalent to that of the city of Recife.

The restoration of forests has an immediate impact on the river basins of the benefiting cities, protecting streams and rivers and offering refuge for wildlife. Thus, the Foundation works to ensure that municipalities that are at a high level of degradation suffer less from climate change.

The achievements of the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation are also fruitful in the area of public policies.

A striking example is his participation in the approval of the Atlantic Forest Law in 2006, after 14 years in progress. To date, it is the only law that protects a biome in Brazil, being responsible for the drop in deforestation rates in the Atlantic Forest states.

The Foundation is also concerned with raising awareness and mobilizing the Brazilian population regarding the need to preserve the forest.

On this educational support front, the NGO estimates that it has reached more than 4 million people in events, mobilizations, public policy actions and educational initiatives.

The partnership with iFood

In terms of positioning and fundraising, the partnership with iFood is considered strategic by Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica.

According to the NGO, the alliance with the company acquires another level of relevance due to the fact that the Atlantic Forest is responsible for producing more than half of all food consumed in Brazil. The partnership is an example of the private sector's involvement in protecting the biome, which the Foundation considers essential.

There are two municipalities that need this type of initiative. In Porto Feliz, only 4% of original forest area remains. In Marabá Paulista, there is 3.41% of remaining original vegetation, according to the Atlantic Forest Atlas, prepared by the NGO in partnership with Inpe (National Institute for Space Research).

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