iFood invests in training itineraries for schools in SP and SE

In partnership with Instituto Reúna, the company supports the review of the São Paulo curriculum and creates a trail for schools in Sergipe that focuses on the use of technology

At the New High School, students can choose training itineraries — such as STEAM (acronym in English for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) — and create their learning path.

Among them are students from São Paulo, who will be able to follow revised training itineraries with support from iFood, and those from Sergipe, who will have the option of developing sustainable development projects using technology.

In 2022, STEAM was implemented by a project from the São Paulo Department of Education. It had the financial support of iFood and the participation of Reúna Institute and other institutions.

iFood's investment in this project also allowed the pedagogical review of support materials for teachers and high school students with a transversal perspective, inserting issues related to technology throughout the curriculum.

In total, the project by the São Paulo Department of Education reviewed ten training itineraries adopted by the São Paulo education network. In the first year, 462,220 young people were impacted in São Paulo schools — a number that could reach 924,439 in 2023 — and 24% of second-year high school students in the State of São Paulo opted for the STEAM itinerary.

In addition to functioning as a curricular deepening, STEAM can be offered as an elective subject by education systems across the country, enabling experience in the area of technology for students who did not choose a training itinerary with this topic.

New in Sergipe 

In 2023, the Sergipe Department of Education will also count on the support of iFood for the adoption of the STEAM itinerary. This training itinerary encourages young people to dedicate themselves to topics such as environmental challenges, energy, oceans, smart cities, science in the fight against hunger and the space race. 

The difference is that, to develop these projects, students will have to learn to program, process data and understand robotics to achieve their goals.

Promoting the STEAM training itinerary is part of iFood's purpose of combining technology, innovation and people to transform education in Brazil. The material developed by iFood and Instituto Reúna is available for free download on Instituto Reúna website

The company publicly committed to encouraging basic education in the country, impacting 5 million people within 5 years.

Another goal is to train and employ 25 thousand people from underrepresented and low-income groups in technology, contributing to reducing the technological blackout in Brazil. iFood also seeks to train more than 5 million people in 5 years for the work of the future and entrepreneurship.

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