Quarta do Bem: there is an Easter and education action on iFood

The donation campaign will begin to distribute 10,000 chocolates with the NGO Voz das Comunidades — find out how to participate

Today the iFood News brings only good news. And the first of them is that tomorrow the donation campaign begins on the PAZCoa das Comunidades app, which at the end of the month will distribute chocolates in Complexo do Alemão, in Rio de Janeiro.

Another very important thing is another group formed by Tech Power, iFood's training platform that offers courses and scholarships to support the training of more technology professionals. Check out!

Would you like to help distribute 10 thousand chocolates?

The PAZCoa das Comunidades campaign begins tomorrow (March 14), promoted by the NGO Voice of Communities, iFood partner. Donations will be used to distribute 10,000 chocolates in Complexo do Alemão, in Rio de Janeiro. In 2023, the NGO distributed more than 25 thousand chocolates.

Want to collaborate? Just open the iFood app, click on “Profile" in the bottom right corner of the app and scroll to “Donations”. Then just select the PAZcoa campaign communities and make your donation by March 31st.

Potência Tech trains 227 professionals in technology and cloud

With support from iFood, Cloud School trained 227 new professionals to work in technology and cloud computing. The program AWS re/Start trained participants in technical and behavioral fundamentals so that they can obtain their first job, trainee or internship in the area.


The iFood and Escola da Nuvem partnership in education focuses on people who are unemployed, underemployed or on low wages, who are vulnerable or underrepresented in the technology field.

According to the Cloud School, 20% of the people trained are part of the community LGBTQIAP+ —and 8% had some disability or special need. 

But why does iFood invest in education?

Short answer:
because the company has the goal of training and employing 25,000 low-income professionals or those from underrepresented groups (such as women and people of color) in the technology area by 2025.

After all, the company embraces the cause of education and believes that this is the best way to build a more prosperous and less unequal country. And, of course, to prepare new talents for the future of work. 


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