iFood takes customers to Carnival in SP and RJ

Check out the photos and see what the experience was like for the app's Community of Loyal Customers

Carnival is a time of joy and celebration, and iFood provided its Customer Community a unique experience in the famous São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro blocks — an initiative that is part of the company's commitment to transforming customers into fans.

In São Paulo, joy guaranteed

Community customers had the opportunity to have fun in some of the best-known blocks in São Paulo, such as Marry me and the From Abrava

But it was on the block From Pablo that the experience became even more special, with customers glued to the star Pabllo Vittar in a unique moment!

In Rio de Janeiro, Camarote do Bloco da Preta

The Rio festivities were not left behind, with iFood providing community customers with access to the famous Preta Block

There they were able to enjoy the carnival enjoying a privileged view, courtesy of the brand that truly cares about the customer experience.

What is the Community?

At iFood, the Customer Community is a group that seeks to generate an emotional connection and an approximation with the brand. These customers also help the company to always improve the app by participating in tests and feedback moments.

Speak up, customer!

Customers were full of praise for Carnival with iFood. One of them, Glauber, shared: 

"We enjoyed it in style, in a cabin, in comfort. And iFood, represented by Areta, showed that it really cares about the customer experience."

Pedro also expressed his gratitude:

"As a customer, it was the best experience I could have thanks to a brand. Having access to unique experiences was without a shadow of a doubt the best moment of my carnival. Seeing someone like Pabllo Vittar as close as it was on Sunday is something I I will never forget. I am increasingly certain that for iFood, it is not just the customer experience in the app that is enough, but also outside of it. Thank you for ensuring that the customer's voice is heard and that we have access to experiences outside of our reality."

These reports reinforce iFood's commitment to turning customers into fans. The 2024 Carnival will be marked in the memory of revelers as a celebration where the joy and care of iFood went hand in hand.

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