For delivery drivers, autonomy is the biggest advantage of working via app

Flexible working hours and not having a boss are characteristics valued by these professionals, reveals Cebrap research

Having autonomy and flexibility are the main advantages of working via an app (like iFood), in the opinion of delivery people.

This was one of the results highlighted in a search made by Cebrap (Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning) for Amobitec (Brazilian Mobility and Technology Association) in 2023.

When asked about the advantages of being on the apps, Delivery Drivers 59% Mentioned Flexibility of schedules and autonomy in first or second place — check out more data in the carousel below, by clicking on the arrow in the bottom right corner.

Then, they cited the earnings (43%), the freedom to work on a motorcycle (38%) and the fact that they did not have a boss (34%).

According to the research, flexibility is a positive point mentioned most frequently by people who had another job when they started making deliveries through apps. The study also shows that 48% of those interviewed combine delivery with other work

“Among those who had an activity and abandoned it to dedicate themselves exclusively to apps, not having a boss has a higher proportion of responses than others”, reports the survey.

The survey also points out that 78% of those interviewed intend to continue working through applications. “This result seems to indicate that these workers are adapting to a new way of working, with more autonomy and flexibility. Our role is to continue improving these professionals’ experience with the platform”, comments Debora Gershon, head of iFood public policies.

The delivery drivers interviewed by Cebrap also spoke about the difficulties related to working with the applications. The situations mentioned were difficulty finding the address (66%), problems communicating with customers or returning and losing goods (51%) and accidents (25%).

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