The biggest actions in the iFood Social Impact area

Discover the results of the first year of the vice-presidency, which invests in social and environmental actions and in the valorization of delivery drivers and restaurants

This month, iFood's vice-presidency of Social Impact completes its first year of life. This is the area dedicated to improving the working conditions and safety of delivery men and women and expanding equity throughout its ecosystem, which includes restaurants, in an attempt to contribute to social mobility.

The vice-presidency of Social Impact was born from iFood's conviction that companies can reconcile business success with a positive impact on society and the environment.

“The sustainability and social impact area is not responsible for accessory actions. She works deeply across the entire iFood structure.”
Luana Ozemela
Vice President of Social Impact of the company

What does iFood's Social Impact area do?

One of the first actions launched in this first year was the Psychological and Legal Support Center, in which the Black Sisters in Law serves delivery men and women who suffer discrimination, aggression and harassment at work.

In the same month, the iFood Believes, and then Crédito na Favela, which supports black restaurant entrepreneurs who are on the app. The pilot started in Salvador and expanded to São Paulo, with an initial focus on the favelas of Heliópolis and Paraisópolis, in partnership with CUFA and Favela Holding.

In 2023, iFood's Social Impact area also launched the notice iFood Arrives Together, which distributed R$ 1 million to 25 projects dedicated to delivery men and women.

Also working to reduce conflicts with delivery men and women, the area promoted dialogue initiatives to understand the complaints of delivery men and the roots of conflicts between customers, restaurants and delivery professionals.

Based on this, iFood invested in educational campaigns, such as #BoraGo down, which seeks to raise awareness among customers so that they come down to pick up their orders, as an act of kindness and respect.

“Thinking about protecting delivery men and women, we also made significant improvements in capturing accident incidence data to identify prevention levers and improve the well-being and safety of everyone”, explains Luana.

Furthermore, iFood's Social Impact area promotes actions and campaigns against prejudice and aggression. In 2023, iFood launched a new policy to combat discrimination and violence, making it clear that it does not accept any type of discrimination, prejudice or violence against delivery drivers, customers, stores, logistics operators and franchisees.

Investment in education

Another important aspect of iFood's Social Impact area is partner education. Luana highlights the My High School Diploma and improving the continuous learning experience on the delivery driver's app. 

My High School Diploma, carried out in partnership with Finish Your Studies, helps delivery men and women complete high school — and in 2024 was extended to restaurant owners and employees that are in the app. 

In 2023, 5,264 delivery drivers graduated from the second class of the program — in 2022, there were 950. They received their High School diploma after taking the preparatory course for Encceja (National Examination for Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults) and passing the test that gives a high school graduation certificate.

iFood's Social Impact area also houses the education platform Takes off, which encourages development and qualification. To date, more than 330 thousand people (such as delivery men, couriers, restaurant and market owners) have received certificates of completion of one of its more than one hundred free courses.

“I feel very proud of the work we have done over the last year and I am very happy to have national and international stakeholders recognized the effectiveness of our actions and results,” says Luana.

For the second year, more is coming.

“We will continue to pursue our vision of sustainable delivery, which involves education, a future of work centered on people’s well-being and safety”, says Luana. “And we will look ahead to the environment, to increasingly decarbonize our ecosystem and scale the use of sustainable packaging.”

Social Impact Results

5,264 delivery drivers finished their studies with My High School Diploma in 2023
300 thousand delivery people trained by free Decola courses
25 thousand partner restaurants reached by Decola courses
250 thousand delivery drivers certified in the First Steps course to work on iFood
27 thousand delivery drivers certified in the Jeito iFood de Ganhar course
R$ 1 million distributed to 25 projects for delivery people on iFood Chega Junto
+ 1,000 building managers raised awareness in campaign in RJ about going up or not going up
178 cases received by the Legal and Psychological Support Center
220 meetings with unions and delivery drivers for social dialogue
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