Looking for vegetarian recipes? Here are some inspirations

Check out some dishes with different vegetables, grains and seasonings from different cuisines from around the world

Investing in vegetarian recipes is a way to include more vegetables in your diet and, thus, have a more balanced, healthy and nutrient-rich diet. 

In addition to being good for your health, a vegetarian diet (that is, one without meat) is also beneficial for the planet, as it helps to mitigate effects of global warming. 

Do you want to know how to find vegetarian recipes and what are the most classic meat-free dishes out there? Come with us!

Where to find vegetarian recipes?

A good vegetarian recipe is anything but bland. After all, the different combinations that can be made with vegetables, legumes and oilseeds guarantee delicious and nutritious dishes.  

To find vegetarian recipes, whether classic, unusual, sophisticated or simple, for everyday life, there are today a multitude of websites, blogs, books and videos available on the internet. 

In Portuguese, some websites and blogs that focus on meat-free dishes are Brazilian ones Vegetarian Ham, Veg with Care It is  Vegan munchies, in addition to the Portuguese Made by Choice It is Leek.

Looking for vegetarian recipes can be a delicious way to browse books full of dishes, like Vegetarianizing,  Vegetarian Recipes for Kids, Eat More Vegetables, My First Vegetarian Dinner It is Encyclopedia of Vegetarian Gastronomy

Vegetarian dishes

There are classic vegetarian dishes that are often consumed without us realizing that they contain no meat or ingredients of animal origin. 

This is the case of classic Brazilian vegetarian dishes, such as rice and beans (without the meat, of course) and corn couscous, or international ones, such as French Ratatouille, the Mexican Guacamole, the Arabic hummus and the Indian dahl

There are also classic dishes in vegetarian versions, such as burgers, stroganoff, coxinha, escondidinho, moqueca and esfiha, among others. 

Check out some classic vegetarian dishes below:

Rice and beans 

The basics of Brazilian daily life are naturally vegetarian and vegan because, in addition to not needing to contain meat, there is no other ingredient of animal origin. 

The rice can be white or brown, white, needle or parboiled. The most common beans, depending on where you live, are brown (carioca) or black.  

Vegetarian feijoada contains, instead of meat, vegetables, smoked tofu and/or mushrooms. 

Falafel and hummus 

These Arabic dishes are two vegetarian classics made from chickpeas and widely consumed around the world. 

Falafel is a fried dumpling made with cooked chickpea dough, with fresh seasonings such as parsley and coriander, which gives the green color inside, olive oil, cumin and garlic. 

Hummus consists of a paste of cooked chickpeas and processed with tahini (sesame paste), olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. You can use other ingredients, such as beetroot, to give it a special color and flavor. 


Much appreciated in many places, the avocado paste typical of Mexican cuisine is a great accompaniment to different dishes or a super versatile starter. 

It is made with avocado puree, onion, chopped coriander leaves, chopped tomatoes and chili or jalapeño peppers and seasoned with olive oil, lemon and salt. 


The classic French dish is made with slices of eggplant, zucchini, tomato and onion, which are roasted. It is served alone or as a side dish. 

The rustic dish emerged in the 18th century at the hands of peasants in the Provence region, who needed to use vegetables harvested in the summer before they spoiled. 


The classic Indian dish is a creamy stew made with lentils and spices such as ginger, cumin, coriander, cinnamon and massala, as well as tomatoes, garlic and onion. 

To accompany it, Indian flat breads, known as chapati, are served. 

Ovolactovegetarianism: recipes to make at home

Lacto-ovo vegetarianism consists of the consumption of vegetables, eggs and foods with eggs and milk and its derivatives, such as cheese, yogurt and curd. 

There are several possibilities for combinations and recipes with these ingredients. A choice for colder days are soups and creams, such as the classic Italian minestrone soup, which contains various vegetables, pasta or rice and white beans. 

French soup with melted cheese is another classic to warm you up on colder days. Cheese fondue is another French dish perfect for winter. 

Fries and omelets filled with vegetables and cheese are practical recipes for a quick dinner or lunch. The Spanish tortilla (omelet with potatoes) is also a good option. 

For hot days, it's worth investing in salads with different leaves, parmesan shavings, boiled eggs, grilled vegetables and seasonal fruits. It's a refreshing and healthy combination. 

Special vegetarian dinner

To prepare a special vegetarian dinner, invest in good ingredients, give preference to seasonal vegetables and use the right technique for each type of preparation. 

As a starter, choose a well-prepared salad with vegetables, fruits and/or oilseeds. Invest in a dressing made with olive oil, vinegar, honey, fruit juice and herbs. 

Pastes and sauces — such as babaganuche (smoked eggplant), hummus, curds, tapenade and caponata — served with toast and bread are also a good starter option.

For the main course, there are pastas, such as noodles in white sauce and mushroom ragú (with 3 types of mushrooms) or ravioli stuffed with pumpkin with sage butter. 

Risottos are also a great choice because they are versatile, guaranteeing a more sophisticated dish. It can be made from tomato confit and pesto, leeks, mushrooms and/or a variety of cheeses. 

If the idea is a themed dinner, choose a regional or national cuisine (for example, Northeastern, Minas Gerais, Pará or Arabic, Indian, Mexican), select uncomplicated recipes, look for the best ingredients and master the preparations! 

How to find vegetarian food on iFood

If you're too lazy to go to the kitchen, there are many vegetarian food options on the iFood app — from hamburgers, hot dogs, esfiha, sushi and fit lunches to prepared dishes, including cakes, sweets and vegan pies. 

To find vegetarian food on iFood, open the app, click on “Search” at the bottom left of it and type “vegetarian” or “vegetarian sandwich” in the search field, for example. 

You can filter the search by rating, price, free delivery, shortest distance, price, delivery fee, payment method, partner restaurant, etc.

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